8th Grade Fillys trounce Lytle

Mayah Brogdon fights for the ball.

8th Grade Gold
Proving hard work pays off, the 8th grade Gold Fillys came out on top against Lytle 31-16. Playing as a team, the Gold Fillys transitioned from defense to offense quickly. Coach Khera Vay has taken her team far this season and with many more games to play, her team will be hard to beat.
C. Reyes scored an impressive 15 points with help from her team, D. Alvarez had 7, L. Lascano 4, M. Perez and S. Macias each had 2 and K. Rodriguez had a free throw.
8th Grade Maroon
Playing each quarter start to finish, the 8th grade Maroon Fillys “stayed composed, pushed the ball offensively and got back on defense,” said Coach Khera Vay. They were victorious over over Lytle 65-10. “I’m proud of the work they put into each practice and game, the future of this team looks very promising,” state Coach Vay.
M. Hein scored 21 points, Y. Garza 8, K. Geyer 7, A. Pompa 4, S. Lascano 3, and B. Torres, C. Martinez, and K. Saunders each had 2.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer