A tummy that growls

We got a package from Amazon this week, and A’Dell had fun opening it. I was wondering why she was so interested in that package, but I soon found out when she dumped out the contents and took off into the house with the box yelling out “I’m an astronaut!”…”This is my rocket ship!” It was just like the commercial.
After she flew to the moon and back a few times, she said it’d also make a good bed perhaps and she tried to lay down in the big box. She’s a little long-legged, and the cardboard wasn’t so soft I guess, so she quickly decided it’d be a “better bed for the baby.”
The next day when Grandma dropped her off she had a pretty new dress that grandma had just bought for her. It was still on the hanger, and she ran in the door wistfully twirling it around the living room, talking about how “beautiful” it is. She soon twirled that hanger around her hair to a point of no return, and grandma had to rescue the princess.
On the way home from church this Sunday, A’Dell got into one her story-telling modes. Almost every one of these stories begins with “Mom, one time when I was four…” It all started with a package of peanut butter crackers that were actually PB and J crackers. She was super hungry after grocery shopping so I gave them to her, and when I told her they had peanut butter and jelly, she said “Hmmm….This is very “instress-ting.”….the cutest way to interesting EVER!
She soon gave the crackers 5 stars, remarking, “Mom, I think my tummy likes these crackers cause it’s kind of rumbling.”
Then she told me…..”But one time, when I was four, my tummy was so hungry it actually growled!”
Imagine that…a tummy that growls!