8th grade Fillys take on Crystal City, Hondo

Crystal City was just slightly more prepared than the 8th grade Gold Fillys last Thursday night when they faced off in their first game of the year. The Fillys started off too slow and lost their first set. Set two went better but they were not able to get the points they needed and lost.
“We may have not been at our best this game, but I know this group will continue to work hard to improve each week.” Coach Julie Oropeza
With strong spirits and stronger defense, the 8th grade Maroon Fillys beat Crystal City in a quick two set game last Thursday night. “Strong serving, great passing, and tough defense were keys in this game.” With a tough schedule ahead of them, the Maroon Fillys will have to work hard to keep winning.
“This was a good start for us. This group has great potential and they work hard. I can’t wait to see what they will be capable of in the weeks ahead.” Coach Julie Oropeza
The Hondo B team was just a little more prepared on September 10th, when they beat the Gold Fillys. Despite the loss, the Fillys have shown much improvement since their last game and as each volley ends, they grow as a team that much more.
“With only Friday’s practice since our first game last Thursday, I would say we played a better game. The girls worked hard to improve on their problem areas. We will continue to work on our weak points and improve as time goes on,” said Coach Julie Oropeza
Monday, September 10th, the 8th grade Maroon Fillys started off with a loss in the first set against Hondo 13-25. Facing a strong serving team, the Fillys came together in the second set and won 25-14. But it was in the third match that the Fillys proved they were the better team with another set win at 25-18.
“We battled out own frustration early in the game because of Hondo’s strong serving. We were thankfully able to get it together and take the win. The girls deserve a lot of credit for sticking together and playing as a team,” said Coach Julie Oropeza.
The 8th grade Maroon Fillys season record stands at 2-0.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer