8th Grade Fillys take 3rd in Poth Tournament

Kelsey Dishman gets ready to serve.

In the Poth Volleyball Tournament on September 28th, the 8th Grade Fillys brought home third place after competing against three tough teams. They first faced Stockdale and 25-5 and 25-18. This win brought them up against La Vernia and they suffered their first loss of the season at 19-25 and 19-25. In the game for third place against Poth, the Fillys had to fight out of a slump to beat Poth 25-21 and 25-17. After this tournament the 8th Grade Fillys are 9-1 overall and 4-0 in district.
“This tournament brought a lot of competition for the girls!” Coach Shana Beaty said. “La Vernia was our biggest competitor and we lost to them in a hard, fought match… which bumped us to the 3rd/4th place bracket. Each player on the team brings something valuable to the court.
“But one thing we don’t play enough with…is focus. There is not enough seriousness on the court during the game. I think sometimes the assumption is that we’re going to win so all focus is lost and the girls end up barely winning when they should have blown them out of the water! Changes are going to be made and hopefully our fans will see a difference in our game next week. We won 3rd place and I am still so proud of the girls. Great Job Fillys!!”
Stockdale Stats
Aces: Brooklyn Miller 4, Rylee Esquibel 1. Hits: Rylee Esquibel 5, Miller 4, Macky Schnautz 4, Makayla Rivera 3, Denise Contreras 1, Kaylee Romano 1. Kills: Esquibel 3, Schnautz 2, Miller 1, Kaylee Romano, Rivera 1, Contreras 1. Assists: Kate Featherly 4, Kelsey Dishman 3, Esquibel 1, Schnautz 1. Offensive Serve Receives: Dishman 5, Lizbeth Delos Santos 4, Miller 3, Romano 2, Yancey Parson 2, Esquibel ,2 Hilary Barnett, Featherly 1, Contreras 1. Blocks: Schnautz 1, and Rivera 1. Digs: Dishman 1, Romano 1, Featherly 1, Esquibel 1.
La Vernia Stats
Aces: Miller 1. Hits: Schnautz 10, Esquibel 8, Miller 6, Rivera 2, Delos Santos 1, Featherly 1. Kills: Featherly 1, Schnauts 1, Esquibel 1. Assists: Featherly 2, Dishman 1. Offensive Serve Receives: Romano 4, Miller 3, Delos Santos 3, Esquibel 2, Parson 2, Contreras 1. Digs: De Los Santos 11, Esquibel 6, Featherly 5, Miller 4, Dishman 3, Romano 3.
Poth Stats
Hits: Miller 9, Schnautz 5, Rivera 4, Esquibel 2, Denise 2, Mobley 1, Featherly 1, and Parson 1. Kills: Schnautz 2, Miller 2, Esquibel 1, Rivera 1, Contreras 1. Assists: Featherly 6. Offensive Serve Receives: Parson 2, Romano 2, Miller 2, Barnett 1, Contreras 1. Blocks: Rivera 1. Digs: Dishman 2, Featherly 1.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer