8th grade Fillys split games with Poteet

The 8th Grade Maroon Fillys competed in their first basketball game on Monday November 5th against Poteet and after a very aggressive game, the Fillys were just a few points short of the win, 19-23. The young players went into the game without a single practice and were able to keep pace with the Lady Aggies.
“The entire game was close and could have gone either way. Down the stretch, however Poteet was able to increase the gap and as time wound down, the Fillys could not close it. Our girls gave a great effort tonight. We will head to practice this week with a mission. We know now that we do well and where we need to work. This wasn’t the start I was hoping for or what I expected, but we will go to work and will look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. I look forward to seeing what this team can do.” Coach Julie Oropeza
Tahtiana Gilbert lead the way for the Fillys with 8 points 4 rebounds and 1 steal. Nina Guerrero scored 4 points and had 4 steals. Rebecca Mares scored 4 points with 3 steals. Korynn Arche scored 3 points with 3 rebounds. Andrea Rios contributed 2 rebounds and 3 steals. Bailey Oropeza recorded 3 rebounds and 2 steals. Jordan Erxleben had 2 rebounds. Joselyn Guajardo also played well for the Maroon Fillys.
The Fillys will play Crystal City at home Thursday night and then they will compete in their home tournament this Saturday .
8th Gold Fillys Out Shoot Aggies
The 8th Grade Gold Fillys have opened their season against the Lady Aggies with a win. November 5th was night of fast pace aggressive basketball for a team that has not had a single practice. But no practice did not stop the Fillys from winning, 17-12.
“I was pleased overall with the effort out team gave. They were tough and aggressive. We were not out-hustled tonight. Not bad for a team that hasn’t had one organized practice. I look forward to more success from this group;” Coach Julie Oropeza
Angelina Rios led the charge with 8 of the 17 points 2 rebounds and 5 steals. Ebany Garcia contributed 2 points and was tough with 3 defensive rebounds. Emily Stotts, Sierra Brown, and Elena Meeks also added 2 points each. Madison Cumpian contributed defensively with 4 rebounds and 3 steals. Allison Dugosh played tough defensively as well with 2 steals and 1 point on a free throw. This game was a very exciting season opener.
The Fillys will face Crystal City at home tomorrow night and then their home tournament this Saturday.
By Dicy Chambers and Julie Oropeza