8th Grade Fillys control Crystal City

8th Grade Maroon Filly Lacey Shook ties up the ball against a Pleasanton player.

Gold Team
Playing against a running clock the 8th grade Gold team controlled the court for all 24 minutes against Crystal City. Coach Khera Vay said “After a tough tournament in Hondo last weekend, I was very proud of the bounce back and effort that was displayed.” Chasity Reyes had 10 points, Darian Alvarez and Brooklyn Crossland each had 4, Daisy Mendoza and Carmelina Bernal scored 2 each and Serena Macias sank a free throw. The final score was 23-1. Emily Cruz, Corrine Fowler, Leilani Lascano, Makayla Perez, Marianna Hutton and Kylie Rodriguez helped keep the Mustangs to just 1 point.
Maroon Team
Down by 10 points at the half, the Maroon team did not give up and pushed harder and adjusted their defense and beat the Crystal City “A” team 36-31. “I feel like this was a huge turning point in our season, and the trust amongst the coach and teammates is growing, and if we keep building this group will do some amazing things this season!” said a proud Coach Vay.
Macey Hein scored 18 points, Kadence Yates had 9, Yessika Garza 5 and Lacey Shook and Analisa Pompa each had 2. Kelli Geyer, Kylee Saunders, Kendall Marek, Sam Lascano, Mayah Brogdon, Bri Torres and Cece Martinez also helped with this hard fought win.