7th grade Fillys face Crystal City, participate in tournament

7th grade Gold Filly Rebecca Marres races down the court.

Gold Team
On November 15, the 7th grade Gold team faced Crystal City and started off strong but it ended up being a loss with a final score of 17-30. Coach Megan Perez and her team are continuing to work on the basics and learn the game. “This was a tough loss for our girls as they started off with a good tempo and fundamentals but got frustrated and tired as the game went on.”
Rebecca Marres lead the team in points with 8, Nadia Rodriguez had 5, and Gabriela Ramirez and Leah Rodriguez each had 2.
Saturday, in the Filly Tournament, the Gold team first faced Uvalde and “did a great job applying the skills we worked on in practice. I was very proud of their effort and were just a few shots shy taking home the win.” – Coach Perez
Kayley Carillo and L. Rodriguez each had 2. Rebecca Marres had 3 and N. Rodriguez had 4 in the 11 to 15 loss.
Next Gold Filleys faced Pleasanton and just like in their season opener they beat Pleasanton again with a score of 20-12. Marres lead the team with 10 points, L. Rodriguez was close behind with 8, and N. Rodriguez had 2 points.
Maroon Team
A rough first quarter against Crystal City, put the 7th grade Maroon team too far behind in the game when they finally got into the rhythm. “The second half we made corrections and were more consistent but were already too far behind Crystal.” Not giving up, the players continued to put points on the board. Angel Tumbarello scored 16, Koryn Arche 10 and Joselyn Guajardo had 6 bringing the final score to 27-51.
After a few days of practice, the Maroon team won their first game of the tournament against Uvalde 29-16. “The girls did a great job of implementing the skills and transitions we went over during practice this week,” said Coach Perez. With help from her team, Tumbarello scored 18 points and Arche, Neenah Guerrero and Jordan Erxleben each had 2.
Tired from their first win, the Maroon team fell behind Pleasanton’s early lead. After a slow start the Fillys woke up and pushed but could not come from behind to win. They lost 23-31 but placed second in the tournament. Tumbarello led the charge with 20 points, Arche had 2 and Bailey Oropeza had a free throw.