8th grade Colts play hard against Crystal City

8th grade Gold Colts

The 8th Grade Gold Colts have opened their basketball season against Crystal City. Playing last Thursday night in Crystal City, the Colts had a close defeat at 9-10. “The majority of our team just got done with football so with just a couple of basketball practices, I was pleased with how we played,” said Coach Lon Cozby.
Thomas Mendoza had 2 points, Ryan Connor 2, Jack Schneider 2, Juan Billalobos 2, and Ryan Mata 1 point.
8th grade Maroon Colts
Facing a team that has played select basketball together for many years, the 8th grade Maroon Colts held their own last Thursday night in Crystal City. They may have lost 27-50, but the Colts showed they have the determination and drive to never give up and to play hard.
“They pressed us right off the tip and we stayed composed for only having worked on press break once. To come out of football and score 27 pts against a well-polished team this early is saying a lot. We will continue to build and the outlook for this group is bright,” stated Coach Cozby.
Joaquin Philippi scored 11 points, Nate Ramirez scored 4, Jathon Razo 4, Caden Hanson 2, Gabriel Lopez 2, and Kaiveri Alvarez 2.
The Colts will face Hondo next at home on November 29 with games starting at 5. On January 19th the Colts will host their Devine Tournament.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer