7th grade Fillys split games with Crystal City

7th Grade Gold Fillys
Crystal City made the drive up to face the 7th grade Gold Fillys on November 15th. In their second district game, the Fillys were more confident and able to run their plays once they adjusted to Crystal City’s aggression and quickness. “Once we started keeping up with their players and really started fighting, we started to bring up our score. But it was a little too late. I am proud of how hard they played,” said Coach Shana Beaty.
Steals: Cameron Darby 11, Iris Stricker 10, Austin Little 5, Janelle Coronado 4, Leah Romero 4, Maya Hernandez 2, Alissa Zamora 2, Julie Juarez 1, Kiara Yracheta 1, and Skyla Sockwell 1 steal. Rebounds: Romero 8, Cornado 6, Stricker 5, Little 4, Hernandez 2, Sockwell 1, Zamora 1. Points: Romero 6, Stricker 4, Little 4, Darby 2. Blocked shots: Romero 3.
7th Maroon Fillys
The 7th Grade Maroon Fillys hosted Crystal City and after an aggressive game, the Fillys came out on top. The Fillys had some players step up and fill in some new roles and the new combination really worked for them. Now with a district record of 2-0, the Fillys are on their way to a great season. Scores by quarter: Q1 21-2, Q2 21-6, Q3 33-11, Q4 41-14.
Points: Kelsey Dishman 15, Mackayla Schnautz 6, Pam Cardona 5, Makayla Rivera 5, Avery Mobley 2. Assists: Dishman 3, Schnautz 2, Cardona 2, Rivera 1, Lizbeth De Los Santos 1, Mobley 1. Steals: Dishman 4, Schnautz 3, Zoe Ortiz 3, De Los Santos 3, Yari Mercado 2, Rivera 1, Cardona 1. Rebounds: Schnautz 15, De Los Santos 7, Cardona 6, Rivera 4, Mobley 4, Mercado 3, Dishman 1, Ortiz 1.
“My Maroon team had a really good experience this game. Point guard Kelsey Dishman really stepped up her game to compensate for Denise Contreras’ concussion. This group of girls is smart and dedicated,” said Coach Beaty.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer