8th Grade Colts face Carrizo Springs

Gold Team
Defense was the key to the 8th Grade Gold Colts win over Carrizo Springs on January 31st. They stopped Carrizo Springs’ attempts at scoring and used the turnovers to their advantage. The Colts won 28-17 after two halves.
“Lokey Aguero and Noah Macias had great games. We played very good on defense and were able to convert fast breaks,” said Coach Lon Cozby.
Macias and Aguero each scored 8 points, Enrique Midobuche 4, Juan Billalobos 2, Samuel Mills 2, Jacob Antu 2, Thomas Mendoza 1, and Rylan Mata 1.
Maroon Team
It was a tight game until the end for the 8th Grade Maroon Colts “Unfortunately, we couldn’t make a free throw, especially in the 4th and that was what the difference was. Kaiveri Alvarez played well down low,” said Coach Cozby. The Colts made 12 of 34 free throws with 21 of those attempted in the fourth quarter.
The Colts lost 33-36 but still played a great game until the very end. Alvarez scored 10 points, Aiden Zapata 9, Joaquin Philippi 6, Jathan Razo scored 4, Ryan Conner 4, and Logan Camarillo.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer