8th grade Colts bring home 3rd place

8th Grade Gold

In the Hondo tournament, the 8th Grade Gold Colts came home with third place last Saturday. It was a great learning experience for the Colts in two super tight games.
In their first game against Medina Valley, the Colts’ fell 23-25.
Jacob Antu and Enrique Midobuche led with 6 points each, assisted by Juan Billolobos 4, Lokey Aruero 3, and Ryan Connor and Jack Schneider with 2 each.
In the game for third, Bandera was a tough opponent to face. It was back and forth to the very end. Devine had the advantage when the game ended 29-28.
Scoring for the Colts were Connor 12, Augero 4, and Noah Macias, Billalobos, Rylan Mata, Samuel Mills, Antu, and Midobuche each with 2.
8th Grade Maroon
The 8th Grade Maroon Colts competed in the tournament and came home with 3rd place as well, after two tough games.
In a hard loss to Medina Valley, the Colts worked hard but came up short in the end, 22-37. Coach Lon Cozby and his team never gave in to the pressure of Medina Valleys aggressiveness.
Scording were Razo 9, Burford 4, Caden Hanson and Philippi with 3 each, Ramirez 2, and Logan Camarillo 1.
Their second game of the weekend went much better when they beat Bandera 26-23. They had to work hard for the win and Bandera fought back on every play.
Scoring for the Maroon team were Hanson 11, Burford 5, Razo 4, and Juan Lopez, Camarillo, and Philippi with 2 each.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer