7th Grade Mustangs travel to Poth

The 7th grade football team traveled to Poth for their second district game of the season.
The Mustangs received the kick-off to start the game. They started their drive from their own 30 yard line. They got off to a great start as Dana Cashion catapulted to the end zone for a 63 yard run. The two point attempt was not good. Poth received the kick-off return and were not able to get much movement, and were forced to punt. The Mustangs took over around their own 43 yard line and continued to move the ball. However, they had a costly holding penalty that set them back. This forced a punt and gave the ball back to Poth for another opportunity to get their offense going. As the clock ran down during the 2nd quarter, the Pirates were slowly advancing the ball and were able to score a touchdown. They were able to convert the 2 point conversion, which put them in front going into halftime with a score of 6-8.
After a 30 minute lightning delay, the Mustangs were able to resume play. The Pirates received the kick-off and started their drive near their own 38 yard line. They were able to drive the ball down and score on a 23 yard pass. They converted the 2 point attempt and went up 6-16.
The Mustangs were able to get a drive going during the quarter but suddenly came to a halt after some costly penalties and offensive mishaps. They punted the ball away and the Pirates took possession going into the 4th quarter. The Pirates began their drive near the 48 yard line and quickly scored on a sweep run, increasing their lead. They were able to convert on the 2 point conversion. The Mustangs received the kick-off and were desperate for a score. However, they stuttered to get back into the end zone again and the game ended with a final score of 6-24.
The Mustangs will host Nixon-Smiley next week at home with the kick-off scheduled for 5:00 pm.
By Lucio Velasquez