7th grade maroon Fillys finish 2nd at Poth tournament

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Last weekend the Maroon Fillys participated in the Poth Jr, High Volleyball tournament and played their games in La Vernia. After three matches, the Fillys went home with 2nd place. The Fillys opened play against Jourdanton and won 25-9 and 25-20. The Squaws put up more of a fight in the second set but could not overcome the Fillys lead.
Poth was next to fall to the Maroon Fillys. Winning their first set 25-22, the young team kept the aggression up and won the next set 25-19. Poth fought hard and kept returning the ball back but Devine was able to get to the ball and return it for the point.
Pleasanton was out for revenge after losing the championship in the last tournament to the Fillys when they faced off in the third game of the Poth Tournament. The young Lady Eagles played much better this game and gave the Fillys a fight but Devine won 25-15 and 25-18.
After a long day of games, the Fillys faced the La Vernia Bears for the championship match. The Bears proved to be a very tough opponent and Devine lost in two sets at 21-25 and 22-25. The Fillys never gave up and kept fighting despite being behind.
Tournament stats: Kody Blanquiz, Lizbeth De Los Santos, Rylee Esquibel, Kaylee Romano, and Kelsey Dishman each served 2 aces, and Kate Featherly had 1. Esquibel had an impressive 19 hits in the four games, Avery Mobley 10, Brooklyn Miller 7, Denise Contreras 5 and Dishman 1. Esquibel led with 6 kills, assisted by Miller 5, Featherly 2, and Contreras, Mobley, and Dishman with 1 each. Esquibel had 7 assists, Featherly 6, and Miller, and Contreras with 1 each. Esquibel led with 11 offensive serve receives, assisted by Romano 8, Dishman 7, Contreras, Blanquiz and Featherly with 4 each, Mobley 3, De Los Santos, 2 and Yancy Parson and Miller with 1 each. Contreras had 3 blocks.Romano led the digs with 10, Blanquiz 7, Zoe Ortiz 6, Dishman 5, Miller, Contreras, Featherly, Esquibel, and De Los Santos each had 3.
“This tournament was so much fun for all of us. We welcomed the competition! There was no game that was an easy win. We fought each game until the very end. This really helped me to see where some of their talents are regarding front row transition from defense to offense and vice-versa. We need to polish our skills/techniques and apply those improvements to our game. I’m so proud of how far they’ve come. Competing in a tournament with this type of competition really helps the girls see what they need to work on. Poth did not attack the ball against us much but defensively, they picked up everything we threw at them! It was tough, but La Vernia was just strong all the way around, like we are and fundamentally, they are a little more “sound” than we are…but we are getting there!!! I am so pleased and PROUD of their 2nd place plaque! Good job Fillys! Way to go!!!” Coach Shana Beaty
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer