7th grade gold Fillys beat Poteet, Carrizo Springs

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Poteet fell hard to the 7th grade Gold Fillys Monday night. Playing at home, the Fillys were ready to work hard for the win with final scores of 25-9 and 25-14. Coach Shana Beaty had this to say about the win, “I’m happy for another win on our belt. This group of girls plays with their heart and that’s all I can ask for. I’m so pleased with the way they support each other on and off the court.”
Riley Ramirez served up an impressive 5 aces while Makayla Rivera was right behind with 4 and Angelina Solis had 2. Janelle Coronado had 3 hits at the net, Hilary Barnett 2, Rivera 2, Pam Cardona 1 and Taylor Olson 1. Coronado also had 2 kills, Barnett 2, and Rivera 1. Bailey Ornelas and Rivera each had an assist. Solis received 3 serves, Barnett 2, Riley Ramirez 2, Mia Hernandez 1, and Coronado 1 receive. Solis had 2 digs.
Carrizo Springs
Monday September 24th the 7th grade Gold Fillys made the long bus ride down to Carrizo Springs and won in two quick sets. After much practice, the Fillys’ serving has much improved and showed in this game. Yancy Parson and Makayla Rivera each had 2 aces, and Avery Mobley had 1. But it was the lack of returned volleys that won the game for them. Carrizo was just not able to get the ball back over the net.
Makayla Rivera had 2 hits and 1 kill, Gabriela Mares had 2 hits, and Austin Little had 1 hit. Bailey Ornelas had 1 assist. Parson had 2 digs, Emiley Mares 1, and Maya Hernandez 1 dig. Reese Duncan had 2 offensive serve receives, Parson 1, Mobley 1, and Mia Hernandez 1 offensive serve receive.
“The girls played as good as expected. It is difficult to encourage the girls to set up when we do not get the ball returned during volleys. We did improve our serving game and we needed that. I am very proud of this win!” said Coach Shana Beaty.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer