7th grade Fillys win consolation in home tournament

In their home tournament, the 7th Grade Maroon Fillys won Consolation! In their first game against Lytle, the Fillys faced an aggressive team for a loss of 33-8. The young players were excited to compete in their first tournament and played hard the entire game.
Makayla Rivera scored 8 points with 6 steals. Mackayla Schnautz had 3 rebounds, Yari Mercado 2, Pam Cardona 2, Zoe Ortiz 2, Lizbeth De Los Santos 2, and Kelsey Dishman 1 rebound. De Los Santos had 1 steal, Dishman 2, and Yari Mercado 1 steal.
“Lytle did a great job. They played smart and aggressively which was really good for my girls to play at that level of competition. We had a lot of opportunities to score but the ball just wouldn’t go in the basket.” Coach Shana Beaty
In the consolation game against Pleasanton, the Fillys played a much better game and didn’t face the pressure from Pleasanton that Lytle had. Devine lead the entire game. The Maroon Fillys are now 4-2 overall and 2-0 in district. Scores by quarter: Q1 13-1, Q2 27-3, Q3 39-9, Q4 41-14.
Dishman scored 14 points, Rivera 11, Avery Mobely 6, De Los Santos 5, Schnautz 4 and Mercado 1 point. Liah Romero had 7 rebounds, Schnautz 3, Mobley 3, De Los Santos 1, and Ortiz 1 rebound. Mobely had 5 assists, Dishman 4, Schnautz 2, Rivera 2, Ortiz 1, De Los Santos 1, and Romero 1 assist. Dishman and Schnautz each stole the ball 9 times, Rivera 7, Romero 4, Cardona 3, Ortiz 3, De Los Santos 3, Meracdo 2, and Mobley 2 steals.
“We had a lot less turn overs. We were able to pull out a win and take 3rd place so I am really proud of this group!” Coach Beaty
The 7th grade Fillys will face Hondo at home on November 29th with games starting at 5:00.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer