7th Grade Fillys top Lytle

7th Grade Maroon Filly Koryn Arche makes the shot as her teammates prepare to rebound.

7th Grade Gold
On November 30th, the Gold 7th grade Fillys faced and beat Lytle 25-17. The game was aggressive and well fought by every player on the team. “They did an excellent job of keeping their composure and played with pride,” said Coach Megan Perez.
Rebecca Marres was the top scorer with 8 points, followed by Leah Rodriguez with 6, Emily Stotts 4, Ebony Meeks 3, and Nadia Rodriguez 2.
7th Grade Maroon
The 7th grade Maroon Fillys beat Lytle 42-20 last Thursday. As the season progresses so does the skill level of each player and how they play as a team. “The girls realized their potential and I’m excited to see their future progress,” state Coach Perez.
With help from her team, Angel Tumbarello lead the charge with 28 points. Joselyn Guajardo and Angelina Rios each had 4 points and Korynn Arche, Bailey Oropeza, and Jordan Erxleben each had 2 points.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer