7th grade Fillys sweep Pearsall

The 7th grade Gold Fillys third game with Pearsall went the same as their first two games, with a strong decisive win. It was their improved serving game that lead to this win and with a combined total of 14 aces, the Fillys controlled the court.
Offensively Mikayla Ramirez led with 7 aces, assisted by Bailey Ornelas had 3 aces, Yancy Parson 2, Emiley Mares and Gabriella Mares with 1 each. Alanna Monreal received 3 serves, Taylor Olson and Eva Ozer with 2each
With Coach Shana Beaty leading them from the sideline, the first set ended 24-9 and the second set 18-12. “This was a great serving game for the girls. We proved to be ready at all times when we were not sure if the ball would be returned. Pearsall girls played with a lot of heart; and our Devine Fillys won graciously.”-Coach Beaty
Coming up next a game in Poteet on October 1st and the Gold Fillys currently have a 3-0 record.
Maroon Fillys
The 7th grade Maroon Fillys had a great game against Pearsall Monday, September 17th. After more strong serving and great ball control, both games of the set ended 25-12. With this win, their record comes to 3-0 for the season.
“We are excited about taking home another win! These girls know they could have performed against Pearsall, but it is a lesson learned…you must always play at your level no matter the competition. I cannot wait to see what these girls bring to the court as the season progresses! Congrats Fillys!”-Coach Shana Beaty
Kaylee Romero served 8 aces out of 14 serves. Hilary Barnett had 1 ace, Kody Blanquiz 2, Rylee Espuibel 2, and Kate Featherly 1 ace. Mackayla Schnautz had 3 hits and 1 kill and Esquibel had 4 hits and 1 kill. Featherly had 1 assist. Zoe Ortiz received 1 serve, Barnett 2, Blanquiz 2, Lizbeth DeLos Santos 2, and Esquibel received 1 serve with 1 dig.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer