What is the real story of Natalia ISD, where are we going, and what are we doing?

What is the real story of Natalia ISD? Where are we at and where are we going? What are we doing for our kids? The story is more than a headline of “Natalia ISD receives an F” under the new accountability system. It is more than what can be told in one article. While we addressed the accountability ratings in an open letter to the community, there is much more to the Natalia ISD story.
Today, I want to start the conversation by discussing the progress and growth of board governance through TEA’s in-depth Lonestar Governance (LSG) training over the last several months and then focus on each of our Student Outcome Goals (SOG’s) individually over the upcoming weeks. Our Board of Trustees committed to over 28 hours of training and collaboration over the last several months. They have many more hours of training and collaboration over the next several months. Thus far, they have reviewed and adopted new Board Operating Procedures, Vision and Mission. For the first time, Student Outcome Goals, Theory of Action and Goal Progress Measures were created and adopted. The training provides a foundation of focus on student learning that is specific, measurable and holds the system accountable for continuous improvement for now and in the future.
After a deep review of the data in collaboration with administration, our school board adopted Student Outcome Goals to address foundational improvement in reading (literacy), math(numeracy) and College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR). These components form a significant foundation to TEA’s new A-F Accountability System.
Over the upcoming weeks, campuses will be hosting parent meetings to let parents know about all of the positive changes that are happening for Natalia ISD’s students. Each Principal, will be communicating their specific dates and times. We will also be hosting three meetings to discuss our November Bond election. The Bond meetings will be held on October 1st, 9th and 22nd at 6:30 PM in the Junior High Cafeteria.
Next week, I will specifically address the Student Outcome Goal that focuses on College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR).
By Superintendent Dr. Hensley Cone