7th grade Fillys open season with wins

7th grade Gold
On Monday, November 6, the 7th Grade Fillys opened their season against Pleasanton with a win. Lead by Coach Megan Perez, the Gold team’s top scores were Leah Rodriguez with 12 points and Rebecca Marres with 8 points to help bring the Filly’s score to 27-16 over the Lady Eagles. Also contributing to the score board was Cassandra Elias with 3, Ebany Garcia with 2 and Nayeli Saldana also scoring 2. The game was an aggressive battle for the ball and each player had a hand on it to help with the win.
“We had a very tough competition for our first game but the girls responded well and played aggressive. I look forward to see the girls develop their fundamentals and apply that aggressive nature with it,” said Coach Perez.
On Saturday the 11th, the Gold team faced Boerne in the first round of the Hondo tournament and suffered a loose of 1-33. Coach Perez had this to say about the first game. “We had a tough competitor the 1st game of the tournament. Boerne was a very skilled and aggressive team that exposed some of our weaknesses. We took those lessons and applied them to the next game and will continue to work in practice.” Leah Rodriguez was the player to score the Fillys’ one point.
The players took those lessons to heart and when they faced Hondo in the second game they fought to the end and pulled a win out even after fatigue had started to set in. “We finished strong with a buzzer beater to win the game by one point with a shot made by Ebany Garcia. The girls and I are very proud of the outing at the Hondo Tournament,” stated Coach Perez. Garcia contributed 4 points to the total. Nadia Rodriguez and Emily Stotts each had 2 point and Leah Rodriguez had 5.
7th grade Maroon
After the Gold team’s win, the Maroon team followed suit and pulled a decisive win with a score of 31-28 over Pleasanton. Leading the way to the win was Angel Tumbarello with 21 points, with assists from almost every teammate. Korynn Arche contributed 6 points and Joselyn Guajardo and Jordan Erxleben each had 2.
“This first game was a very close battle as we started off slow the 1st quarter. After the girls relaxed and got into the rhythm and the game they picked up speed and played better defense. I look forward to see these girls improve for our next competition,” stated Coach Perez.
During the Hondo Tournament, the Maroon team, fought a very skilled Boerne team and lost 47-8. Tumbarello and Guajardo scored 6 and 2 points respectively. Taking the lessons learned with the Boerne defeat, the Maroon team turned it around and beat Hondo 25-18. Working together as a team, 7 different players were able to put points on the board. Tumbarello scored 8, Bailey Oropeza had 5, Arche had 4 and Guajardo, Erxleben, Angeline Rois and Andre Ross each had 2
Coach Perez was very impressed with the turn around her players made and how they came together. “We did a much better job as working as a team and making smart, aggressive moves. We will continue to work on fundamentals in practice and am excited. They are learning and improving quickly.”
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer