7th Grade Fillys beat Hondo

7th Grade Filly #24 Gia Yracheta takes a steal to the basket.

Gold Fillys
When the Hondo Owls came to town this past Thursday, the 7th Grade Fillys’ Gold team was ready to go. They wasted no time in taking the 1st quarter lead 8-2. By the end of the half, the Fillys had increased their lead to 19-4. Overpowering half court defense created steal after steal, which in turn led to lay-ups for the Fillys. As play continued, the pace of the game stayed the same. At the end of the 3rd, the score was 26-8. In the final quarter, the Fillys kept the Owls from scoring, but were able to put in 12 more points of their own. The Fillys captured the win 28-8. The Gold team will play again after Thanksgiving.
Rebounds: Kyra Olson 2, Madison Fraizer 1, Allexus Pena 1, Jilliyn Guajardo 5, Alisandra Terrazas 2, Gia Yracheta 4, Abigale Saunders 5, Brooke Thompson 4, Aayla Villanueva 7, Sarah Stodal 2, Savannah Parker 1. Steals: Olson 3, Fraizer 2, Pena 2, Guajardo 10, Terrazas 1, Yracheta 4, Andrea Rios 2, Saunders 8, Thompson 3, Villanueva 4, Parker 1. Assists: Olson 1, Pena 1, Guajardo 3, Terrazas 1, Saunders 4, Villanueva 2. Points: Olson 6, Fraizer 2, Guajardo 14, Terrazas 1, Saunders 7, Thompson 2, Villanueva 6.
Maroon Fillys
The 7th Grade Fillys Maroon team knew they would have a tough game on their hands when Hondo came to town last Thursday. The Fillys had previously beaten the Owls in two tournament championship games, and they knew Hondo would be ready to try a third time.
Hondo came out hot and before the Fillys realized it, they were down 10-4 at the end of the first quarter. By the end of the half, Devine had recovered and clamped down on defense. They were able to score enough points to come within 1 point at the half 14-15. Once again, Hondo took a big lead out playing the Fillys 24-34 at the end of the 3rd. In the 4th quarter, Devine exploded on offense, scoring 19 points to Hondo’s 5. It was an exciting come from behind win.
“These girls played with their hearts tonight. We were down two starters, and lost Maddie in the 2nd quarter with a foot injury. They rallied together; all playing huge roles in helping us pull this one off.”
Rebounds: Anna Cale Harrison 1, Lynn Lawler 4, Natalie Valle 4, Airyanna Rodriguez 8, Katie Rios 3, Skylar Blanton 9, Roxanne McKee 1, Hannah Brummate 11, Maddie DuBose 5. Steals: Harrison 1, Lawler 3, Valle 10, Rodriguez 8, Rios 3, Blanton 2, Brummage 3, DuBose 3. Blocks: Valle 1, Blanton 1. Assists: Lawler 3, Valle 3, Rodriguez 4, Rios 1, Blanton 3, DuBose 1. Points: Harrison 1, Lawler 3, Valle 9, Rodriguez 6, Rios 2, Blanton 13, Brummage 7, DuBose 4.
The Devine girls will enjoy a short break on Thanksgiving and will resume play the first week of December in Pearsall
Courtesy Coach Julie Oropeza