8th Grade Fillys face Owls

8th Grade Fillys #4 Iris Stricker and #2 Kelsey Dishman play defense.

Gold Fillys
The 8th Grade Gold Fillys faced Hondo on November 21st and had a much better game than their last meeting. The Fillys have worked hard to learn the game in practice and it showed on the court. They played hard but fell 18-27.
“Even though we suffered a loss against Hondo, my girls shined in my eyes. This team has a lot of inexperience and we have been working hard in practice to gain some confidence and self control on the court. We made fewer turnovers, played much better defense, hustled more, and scored 18 points compared to only four the last time we played Hondo. I’m excited because I’ve got some talent with this group. They will only get better!” Coach Shana Beaty
Steals: Skyla Socwell 3, Maya Hernandez 1, Alissa Zamora 5, Kiara Yracheta 1, Lillian Schenk 3, Kylie Boydell 2, Austin Little 7. Assists: Sockwell 3, Zamora 2, Juli Juarez 2, Boydell 1. Rebounds: Sockwell 3, Isabel Retana 1, Zamora 8, Yracheta 2, Juarez 1, Schenk 3, Boydell 4, Little 13. Blocked Shots: Little 1. Points: Sockwell 8, Little 10. Q1 4-4, Q2 10-13, Q3 14-21, Q4 18-27.
Maroon Fillys
The 8th Grade Maroon Fillys had a rough game on November 21st against Hondo. “We lost a tough game tonight. Three of my starters are out with the flu. This game was very physical. Hondo plays rough and my girls were ready for that. Adjustments had to be made bringing up to B-team players in case we needed them. Everyone made a positive contribution. Defensively, my girls outplayed Hondo as we held them to scoring only 2 points in the 2nd and 3rd quarters but we missed too many shots and free throws to keep out score closer. My girls played good basketball, always showing leadership and sportsmanship by example. I am very proud of them!” Coach Shana Beaty
Steals: Kelsey Dishman 4, Iris Stricker 2, Denise Contreras 4, MacKayla Schnautz 1, Liah Romero 2. Assists: Dishman 1. Rebounds: Contreras 3, Schnautz 3, Avery Mobley 5, Romero 9. Blocked shots: Contreras 1. Points: Dishman 2, Contreras 9. Q1 4-14, Q2 4-16, Q3 11-18, Q4 11-26.
The Fillys will play again December 5th in Pearsall. Currently the Maroon Fillys are 2-1 in district and 3-2 overall.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer