Devine Middle School proudly presents competition One Act Play on Dec. 12 free to public

Dr. Phillips (Eli James) calls in his next patent Mrs. Brown (Catelyn Flores) while his nurse (Serenity Whitaker) hands him the file. Join DMS on Dec. 12 as they present a free public performance prior to OAP competition.

Devine Middle School will present their competition One Act Play Louder, I Can’t Hear You by William Gleason on Thursday December 12, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. in the Devine Student Activity Center.
The comedy features Catelyn Flores as Marge and overworked and underappreciated mom who is trying to get some recognition from her family. Family members include Oscar as the overbearing and sometimes inconsiderate dad, Camryn Darby as the self-centered teenage sister, and Michael Biediger as the obnoxious brother. When Marge wins the Mother of the Year award and is ignored by her family, she seeks professional help to see if she is overreacting. Dr. Phillips (Eli James) is all too ready to help but cannot get around his own narcissistic tendencies that are encouraged by his dingy nurse (Serenity Whitaker). What will happen to Marge?
We invite you to join us and find out!
Admission is free but donations will be graciously and gratefully accepted.
Special thanks to Sportsman’s Antique Shop and Hill Country Hunts (208 Commercial Drive, Devine) for lending us the kitchen dinette and chairs.
The cast and crew will compete in UIL a two days after on Saturday, December 14, so it is great practice for the students to be in front of a live audience prior to competition.
Contest Dec. 14-The UIL One Act Play contest will be on Saturday, December 14 in the Medina Valley Performing Arts Center, behind the high school. Performances begin at 12:00 and will run back to back, by order of the draw: 12:00 Hondo, next is Carrizo Springs, Crystal City, Pearsall and then Devine. So Devine will perform somewhere around 5:00 p.m. but it is a good idea to be there early because sometime things fluctuate. Guests are only allowed to enter between performances, not during one. There will not be a concession stand. Awards will be given out around 6:00 p.m.

Sound (Isabel Retna) and Lights (David Hopkins) are getting the booth all set up for production. Join DMS on Dec. 12 as they present a free public performance prior to OAP competition.

Ninjas In The Dark
Have you ever wondered about the little Ninjas you see all dressed in black and wandering around backstage? These incredible people are members of the crew. They make the show sparkle. They keep it organized. They are the power behind the actors.
The stage manager runs the production. This year Yancey Parson will serve as Stage Manager for the DMS One Act Play. She will start and end the show insuring that we meet the time requirements. She will problem solve anything that goes wrong from start to stop. You may not know that the director (teacher) is not allowed backstage during competition. The show rests on the stage manager’s able shoulders.
Lights and Sound are key elements as well. David Hopkins will light the stage and Isabel Retana will make the sounds come alive.
What’s a production without props and costumes? Costume Mistress Charly Nelson has all the bits and bobs organized and ready for production. She will make sure everything travels to contest in Medina Valley.
Props must be set for every show and packed to travel as well. Yari Mercado has the props well in hand as Prop Master.
These students aren’t seen on stage, but the show wouldn’t go on without them.