7th grade Colts beat, tie Pearsall

7th Grade B Team Colt Rylan Mata carries the ball as a Pearsall Maverick tries to block the run

The 7th Grade Colts hosted the Pearsall Mavericks last Thursday, November 2nd in Devine, winning one game and coming away with a tie in the other.
7th Grade B Team
The 7th Grade B Team Colts beat the Mavericks 8-0.
In the first half Martin Perez scored on a 50 yd run and Caden Hanson added the 2points.
Coach Sanchez called a little trickery when Johnathon Gelinas threw a lateral to Caden Hanson, who then threw the ball down field to a wide open Jack Schneider. The kids had a blast and executed the play perfect for a 45 yd gain.
In the second half, Johnny Lascano took the ball away from the ball carrier to stop a good Pearsall drive and preserve the win.
7th Grade A Team
The 7th Grade A Team Colts tied Pearsall 22-22.
“We fought hard, and had a great defensive stand to preserve the tie. We just couldn’t overcome the three turnovers,” stated Coach Quenton Sanders.
“As a coach I have to do a better job of helping the team succeed. I am proud of how the team responded to its’ first true test of adversity. We overcame a ten point hole to actually take the lead in the 4th quarter. We just couldn’t finish the deal,” state Coach Sanders. “I am looking forward to the challenge of winning a district championship with a victory in Crystal City in our final game.”
Game Highlights
Marcus Rodriguez had a touchdown but the 2 point failed
Aaron Saenz had a touchdown run and the 2 point was good
Jaieden Burford had a touchdown run and the two point was good