7th grade Fillys split games with Carrizo Springs to end season

The 7th grade Filly’s finished their season against Carrizo Springs last Monday.
Fillys Gold
The Gold team won in two games, 25-17 and 25-18.
Offensively, they had quite a few aces during the game; Yesenia 4, Rebecca and Andrea each with 2, and Leah and Joselyn each with 1. There were 5 hits; Andrea and Leah each with 2 and Autumn with 1. There were also 2 assists made by Leah.
Fillys Maroon
The Maroon team put up a tough fight but lost in three games; 25-22, 27-25, and 20-25.
Offensively they had 4 aces made by Neenah, Amber, Kristina, and Korynn. They had 9 hits; Bailey 4, Korynn 3, and Cameron and Madison each with 1. They also had 3 assists made by Amber and one kill made by Madison.
Defensively, they had one block made by Madison.
“The girls finished the season with a tough outing and I am very proud of their progress,” Coach Megan Perez said.
By Abby Kohlleppel
Staff Writer