63 burglaries, 44 stolen vehicles in Medina County January- June 26th

As of June 26, there had been a whopping 63 home burglaries and 44 stolen vehicles reported in Medina County this year already. As this story goes to press those numbers have grown already with five home burglaries and two stolen vehicles being reported in Medina County these past two weeks.
These include crimes committed inside local cities as well as the unincorporated part of the county. Unfortunately, burglaries are nothing out of the ordinary in Medina County anymore.
“We normally have at least one burglary somewhere in the county, and crimes like these are usually the byproduct of drugs,” said Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown. “Someone trying to support their drug habit by stealing from hardworking people.”
“It’s a constant battle,” Sheriff Brown adds. “Many of these criminals are from here and lots of them are from San Antonio too. Our proximity to San Antonio sometimes makes us a target for criminals there too, and we end up chasing them all the way back into San Antonio. We’ve executed several search warrants to recover stolen property in San Antonio.”
“Sometimes it’s the same people who we’ve caught over and over again, too many times….Our jails are full because of drugs,” Brown adds. “We used to see a lot of drugs from mainly Mexico, but now we are seeing a lot from California and Colorado too.”

Medina County Statistics Year to Date (As of June 26, 2018)
Burglary of a Habitation – 63
Burglary of a Building – 22
Burglary of a Motor Vehicle – 34
Stolen Vehicles – 44
Thefts – 202

Medina County 2017 Statistics:
Burglary of a Habitation – 150
Burglary of a Building – 84
Burglary of a Motor Vehicle – 73
Stolen Vehicles – 88
Thefts – 507

Recent home burglaries, stolen vehicles past two weeks
A home near D’Hanis was burglarized June 19 at 10:32 on County Road 5212. According to the Sheriff’s Department, entry made through the window, and electronics were stolen.
On June 21 at 12:22 thieves hit a home outside Devine on CR 669. Entry made through the window in this case also, and electronics were stolen.
The third burglary occurred outside Lytle on June 23 at 9:45 along CR 6841. Entry made through the laundry room, and appliances were stolen.
On June 24 at 11:07 a Black Nissan Rogue was stolen along CR 772 outside Devine.
On June 25, a building was burglarized on PR 7615 outside Devine. Guns were stolen.
On June 26, a burglary of a habitation was reported along CR 3823.
On June 27, a burglary of a home around D’Hanis on CR 523 occurred.
On June 27, a stolen vehicle was reported on 22nd Street in Hondo.