48-year-old mother fighting COVID, daughter asks community for prayers

Rachel Rendon, 48 of Devine, tested positive for covid-19 on December 13th, and was transferred to a larger hospital shortly afterward, says her daughter Courtney Zachry, also of Devine.

“They transferred her to Texan Hospital in San Antonio, and she’s been there ever since, with her oxygen levels going up and down,” Zachry said.

“For her, in the beginning it just started out as having what felt like heartburn. That was around December 6th, followed by a week of GI symptoms that left her dehydrated, and that’s when she went and got tested.”

“They put my mom on the ventilator this morning , Monday, Dec. 28. Her nurse told us my mom’s oxygen was 85, and when she would cough it dropped down in the 70s. So now she’s on the ventilator, and we can’t talk or text her.”

“It’s hard on the whole family,” Zachry said, and the way it affects one person is not how it affects the next. “For one of my loved ones who had Covid, there were no symptoms, and then two other loved ones tested positive and end up in the hospital.”

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“This is serious. Covid is not a joke. We never thought it would happen to our family. So don’t gather, stay safe, and please pray that my mom comes home soon. We love her so much and still need her around,” Zachry said.

With two relatives in the hospital, Zachry says, “Our Christmas was a very sad one.”

Daughter Courtney and three beautiful young grandsons are waiting and praying, and ask the community to keep Grandma/Mama Rachel in your prayers, as well as  many people out there fighting this horrible virus.

Zachry shared one of the last things her mom said after first being hospitalized, “….I do not wish that anyone has to go through this. It is not fun and games people. This virus is very real. I was always so careful because I am an essential worker and had been working all this time since this started back in March. It just takes one careless person. Please wear your masks and gloves all the time around others.”