48 calls, no arrests

It was a typical, slow, hot summer week at Lytle PD. We didn’t arrest anybody, but rest assured that if somebody needed arresting we would have done it. We responded to 48 calls for service.
On to my ever-popular “Property Crime Report”, because none of us like people messing with or taking our “stuff,” we had numerous property crimes reported. (1) A crook tried to cut a catalytic converter off of a 2006 Chrysler; they weren’t able to take it. Maybe the battery ran out on their saw or they got spooked by the cops. Regardless, it will still cost Pachangon Auto Sales over $500 to replace. (2) A complainant reported $155 worth of misc. unauthorized charges on her debit card. It was all done online. (3) A complainant reported that her purse was taken from her locked vehicle; it was parked in the 15300 Blk. of Main. She stated that she left the windows down (?). Her purse was later recovered in a trash can. All her important info. was there, she was just missing $100 cash. (4) The HEB C-Store reported a female took off with a beer valued at $2. She came back about an hour or so later and tried again! I guess $2 worth of beer doesn’t go very far in the Texas heat. (5 & 6) HEB Plus reported the theft of 3 window AC units valued at $219 each. This occurred on Friday evening, a male/female couple took off with one and a male made two trips back to back to score two of them. We are reviewing video and working on getting vehicle descriptions. A bad example of how to beat the summer heat.
Another food distribution (in partnership with the San Antonio Food Bank) is set for Monday, August 17. You will need to register online, there will be a link on the city’s website….it may not be there yet but it is coming. It is “drive-thru” and no contact; food will be placed in the trunk for safety. The distribution starts at 10 AM, cars can start lining up at 9:30 AM. This event will be held at the Lytle Community Center on Priest Blvd. If you don’t need the help then maybe you can help? Contact Lytle Alderwoman Laura Reyna (laura.reyna@lytletx.org) if you are interested in volunteering.
It’s time for “Where did I Go Last Week”….The family took a day trip to Blanco State Park in beautiful Blanco, Texas. We had a good time. I’m not sure how they are doing it but Blanco keeps moving closer to San Antonio.
I have been to more state parks in the last several months than the prior 50 years combined. When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit it derailed my two favorite hobbies…..dining out and going out to eat. So this may be the “new” me….but we did hit the drive-thru at the DQ in Blanco for a Blizzard to top off our trip.