47 service calls

Your weekly snapshot of Lytle Police activity: Total calls for police service was 47. Capt. Reyes was the lucky fellow, he got to handle 25 of those. Officers conducted 31 traffic stops. They must be getting “soft”, warnings beat out citations 18-13.
We had a little arresting activity this week. Capt. Reyes booked a fellow into the Medina Co. Jail on an assault warrant. He was stopped for going too fast. Sgt. Hanson took a 15 year old male juvenile into custody on a juvenile warrant for possession of controlled substance; he was transported to the Atascosa Co. Juvenile Detention facility. Ofc. Lopez cited and released a male for simple assault relating to a domestic incident. Ofc. Lopez made a nice arrest at the H.E.B. C-Store. He was patrolling through the parking lot and saw a lady climbing into a vehicle. He didn’t think much of it until he heard the vehicle’s owner yell at her. The female was arrested for burglary of a vehicle. She was searched and marijuana was found in her possession as well as items she had just stolen from H.E.B. She was booked on the burglary, the pot and given a citation on the theft, so good job Ofc. Lopez on your triple play.
We had two property crimes reported this past week. A resident on CR 6841 reported that someone took his riding lawn mower and a resident on McDonald St. reported that someone stole his chainsaw. It’s already November but with all this rain we had in Sept. and Oct. a riding mower and a chainsaw are still high in demand. I am sure our thieves will trade these off for dope. Unfortunately that is usually the way it works.
The History Fair at the Lytle Public Library was probably the best yet. The weather was great and there was plenty of room to move around and check things out. I did get a text or two asking what the explosions were, so I texted back it was just cannon fire. I guess they either figured I was joking or they thought that was a valid response.
We made it through another Halloween and all the trick or treaters that converged on our little city. I talked to several residents that reported they had visitor counts in the 350 – 500 “candy getters” range. The roads were covered up with people pulling trailers loaded down with kids and large groups walking. It was just one big caravan in Lytle for about 3 hours (should I have not used the word caravan?). We didn’t have reports of injuries or criminal mischief so we call that a good night for all.
It is really hard to believe that we are only weeks away from our annual Christmas Hayride. It will be the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it is one of the city’s finest events. We load everyone on trailers and the police department escorts the caravan (there I go again) around town checking out the lights and listening to Christmas music. Do yourself a favor and make plans to attend.