CinderDelly and Mr. Garbage Disposal

We’ve been calling big sister A’Dell “CinderDelly” since she has to help with so much sweeping and mopping to stay ahead of little baby garbage disposal.
The funny thing is we are having the hardest time teaching him to eat baby foods, as he really only wants a bottle for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but he sure seems to like chewing on any kind of appetizer he can find on the floor. I think he does it just to be at turkey. You know that famous come-and-get-me look babies give you as they grab a dirt clod or something disgusting and lift it toward their mouth, like “You better hurry, mommy!”
He’s on the move, big time, so I’m having to learn how to be a very fast, agile sweeper when sissy’s at school. Ideally, he’d sit happily in his playpen or jumper while I sweep, but we all know that doesn’t happen. Instead, he screams his head off until I eventually let him out to crawl around, and then, we have a sweeping-crawling show down…like in an old western movie–minus the six shooters. I look at him, and he looks at my broom, ready to chase my pile of dirt as I sweep circles around him. Can I sweep faster than he can crawl, or can he crawl faster than I can sweep? The truth is I can sweep nice and plenty fast, but sometimes I forget that I still have to get the dust pan, so I find myself sprinting across the room to get that and run back just in the nick of time. Oh the games we play.
I suppose someday I’ll miss this too…someday when I can sweep and sleep in peace.