Medina Electric -Outage Map links

Photo by Medina Electric Coop. Read below for info about how you can report your outages. Click here for outage map:


Preparations are well underway for the impending landfall of Tropical Storm Harvey on the Texas coast. At this time, it appears that the storm will impact much of Medina EC’s service territory. Crews have been mobilized and plans are in place for storm response.



Members should also be prepared. Here are a few notes and resources for members:

Your Account. Know your account information and meter. It is a good idea to call in and confirm your account numbers and meter numbers and phone numbers. This helps when you use the automated system to report outages.

Outages. To see outages in our service area and to check if crews have been dispatched to your location, watch our outage map. To report outages, you can use SmartHub (from your computer or from the app on your phone) or you can call 1-866-MEC-ELEC (632-3532). *Please keep in mind that in large storms phone lines could go down. If that occurs, you may have to report outages online through SmartHub.* If you report your outage over the phone, we suggest choosing the option for a call back when power is restored.

If you are reporting your outage by phone, it helps to have your account and meter numbers handy. If you are unsure of that information, please call us to confirm or locate it on your bill.

It is important to note that outages cannot be reported on social media sites.  The phone and SmartHub system are both linked to our map, which allows crews to systematically work through outage restoration. When outages are reported on social media, we cannot guarantee that they will be seen and we cannot put them into the mapping system. We do not want to overlook an outage, so please report it through the phone or SmartHub.

Information. To get the latest updates, watch Medina EC’s Facebook page.

Restoration. We realize that being without power can be frustrating. There is a method that crews use when restoring power, and here is a look at that system. Once your outage is reported, call and re-report it if you notice that your neighbors have lights on and you are still without power since that could indicate a problem with equipment that serves only your location. In large storms that impact a large portion of our service area, outages can be widespread and it can take time for crews to get power restored to all locations.

Safety. Safety is our primary concern, both for our staff and for our members. If severe flooding occurs, staff will only go to restore power where they can safely do so. Avoid roadways and remember to avoid any roads with water crossing them. If you see downed power lines, stay away. Assume that all power lines, even those on the ground, have electricity going through them and call 911 or the cooperative to report them immediately. If you have a generator, be sure you are operating it safely.