2 COVID cases in Devine schools (1 elementary, 1 high school); 1 death reported in county

Devine ISD announced that there have been two COVID cases, confirmed to be on campus at the beginning of last week. One COVID case was on the Elementary campus at the beginning of last week. The other COVID case is a remote learner who is on the high school campus for a short period of time each day. Parents/staff were notified on each campus, but no one needed to be notified as a close contact, according to Devine ISD.
“We have determined that these two students had no close contacts while on campus. It was determined that no one was within 6feet for more than 15 minutes, so there are no close contacts to be notified per guidelines,” Supt. Todd Grandjean stated, assuring parents that “We use masks and dividers as well to help keep our students and staff safe as possible.”
When asked if the families of students who are in the same class will be notified, Supt. Grandjean explained that “Federal privacy laws would not allow us” to notify families that the student was in their classroom (since none of the classmates were determined to be close contacts within 6 ft of each other for longer than 15 minutes.)

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“We found out on Thursday and sent out messages. Our policy requires us to notify only the parents and staff of the school campus that is affected as well as specific close contacts,” Supt. Grandjean adds.
So far this school year, Medina Valley has been hit the hardest with COVID cases. Medina Valley ISD is now down to 3 active cases, with 5 recovered in their district (with cases spanning several campuses and central office).
Lytle ISD has reported 1 case on the Elementary campus so far this school year, and has not had any more confirmed since.
Natalia ISD has not reported any cases on campus during the school year.
Medina Countywide reports
Medina County COVID cases are at 1121 total, with 37 active in the county. This Monday, September 21, they announced that our community has lost one more loved one to COVID-19, a man in his 60s. A total of 28 community members have lost their life to the virus. Hospitalizations reported are still at 104, but this number is likely to go up as backlogged cases continue to pour in.
Active case break down as of Monday, Sept 21: Devine-5 active, Hondo-12, Castroville-10, while DHanis, Mico, Natalia, Rio Medina, far East Medina County- have 2 active cases each.