125 Class C cases files

We had a little of this and a little of that, definitely nothing that would rate the COPS TV show wanting to do a ride along and film us “in action.” Here is what happened last week – We had 53 calls for service and filed 125 Class C cases with municipal court. We made a few trips with prisoners too. A 14 year old male juvenile was booked into the juvenile detention center in Jourdanton on an assault causing bodily injury charge; we also booked in a 16 year old female on an original charge of evading arrest. For us booking two juveniles in one week is very uncommon. We also had two adult arrests last week, both relating to domestic violence. The first was a suspect who assaulted a female at Lytle Apts. We were able to get a felony warrant on him for assault causing bodily injury – impeding breathing. The second arrest took place Sunday afternoon at John Lott Park, a female was booked in on a charge of assault bodily injury to a family member and she was also charged with injury to a child.
Property crimes last week included an attempted burglary/criminal mischief at the Rail Head Café, somebody tried to pry open the side door. They didn’t get in, I’m not sure what they were after but an order of fried pickles would have been my target. Of course no week would be complete without a vehicle burglary, this week the victim was parked at McDonald’s and while inside someone reached into her vehicle (the window was down) and took her purse. If you are a crook looking for a crime of opportunity it doesn’t get much better than that. The only other property crime reported was from a resident who stated her boyfriend left her residence in the middle of the night and took about $1,100 in cash that belonged to her. I guess he would now be a “former” boyfriend.
The most interesting call of the week goes to the call we got at Great Clips where an upset customer who was unhappy with the wait time walked outside and starting waving at the clerks (but he didn’t use all of his fingers). The truth is that if everyone would slow down, take a deep breath and think before they took action the world would be a better place. We are talking about the wait time to get your haircut, not some serious life saving surgery.
The Animal Care and Control indoor yard sale brought in over $3,500! Wow, that is amazing. So amazing it has me thinking that maybe I need to do some sort of fundraiser. I’ve got all kinds of good ideas, from something simple like selling tickets and the winner gets to have dinner with me or maybe something more awesome like a complete line of Lytle PD action figures. We would go with a size that would be compatible with the Star Wars figures. This way kids could put a Chief Priest action figure in the Millennium Falcon along with Han Solo. I also got a good plan from a TV show I watched growing up. Boss Hogg of Dukes of Hazard fame had a great fundraising program, Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane would stop famous musicians as they drove through Hazard County and they would have to play at the Boar’s Nest (a bar owned by Boss Hogg) to get out of their tickets. Well the only problem with that is that I have been at Lytle PD for 20 years and we have never stopped any famous musicians passing through so that plan might not work. Now we do have Gabe Garcia and Billy Mata that live here in town, they are both awesome musicians but it wouldn’t be right to stop them over and over again just to get them to play a fundraising concert to get out of a ticket, not to mention it would most likely be illegal. After thinking about it I’ll leave the fundraising to the Animal Control folks, we have a decent budget and the other options look like too much work.