Next tire day April 29

We a little behind this year. Last year at this time, we had already gotten 5.2 inches of rain compared to 3.6 so far this year. Water your yard and wash the car, oh…and pray that it’ll rain Thursday. But not that hard rain like they got up in Dallas.
Commissioners Court met this past Monday and went through 5 possible replacements for our Constable here in Pct. 4. All five were highly qualified and had extensive resumes. After a closed session discussion, Commissioners Court unanimously decided on Malcom Watson to take over the duties of Constable for Pct 4. He will assume the office on April 7th, 8th or 10th…whichever fits best with the HR Director.
A new position Grant Manager position was approved and will fall under the authority of the County Judge but assigned to the Auditor’s office. Ruben Gonzales, a 30 year Veteran, was hired on a part time basis to serve as our Veterans Services Officer until Joe Aynesworth decides to retire.
Melissa Lutz, our user friendly Tax Assessor/Collector (unless you flip her switch), has elected to terminate our current delinquent tax collection contract and go with a new firm that would streamline her efforts in collecting taxes (more like rent on things we think we own).
Have had a fairly decent response to the call for folks to move their dumpsters out of the County right-of-way with a few exceptions. Some have waited until the last minute to comply and one waited until we had hauled the dumpster off before calling and asking the company to move it inside their property. Still have many who have not responded and I am addressing them a few at a time. Eventually, with the help of the service providers and residents, we will have them all moved.
Still have the problem of some people using the County roads as dumpsters. I have spoken with one of the Sheriffs office Investigators about the way to file charges on these scalawags and will use that method in the future. Seems like returning their trash is not effective.
Our next scheduled day for taking old tires is April 29th from 8 AM til noon at the County Yard out on Zig Zag behind Rose Hill through the gate around the back on the left at the 53 foot silver colored trailer which will be attended by qualified County employees so bring us your old, your tired, your used up tires so we don’t have to pick them up off the side of the road.
Asked Jim Sessions if the Jimi Hendrix version of the Star Spangled Banner played at Woodstock would go over well at the next softball game. His response was something like “sounds like a good idea but, that wouldn’t be a good idea.” I got the CD if you want it Jim.