117 Municipal Court cases filed

Last week wasn’t too bad; the call volume was low with only 40 calls for service. Officers filed 117 cases with the municipal court; it looks like speeding violations accounted for 37% of those citations. Only two arrests, one was a cite and release on a drug paraphernalia charge. The other arrest was for disorderly conduct at Whataburger, that guy earned a trip to the county jail. Property crimes were just about as lame. We had a rear door that was tampered with at a business on Adams St., Valero got stuck with a phony $100 bill and a person dropped off a stolen tow dolly at the U-Haul place on Somerset St.
Saturday was Election Day in Lytle! The only contested race was for City Council Dist. 3 and the unofficial results have Jamie Dahler with 16 votes and Brandon Frie with 3. A total of 5 votes were cast in early voting and 14 on Election Day. It seems like a few more people would have voted. Low turnout has become the norm, people are either happy with how things are being handled or they don’t care. My favorite part of this election was that nobody put up any signs; all those political signs sure get annoying. I look forward to working with Jamie, she is a wonderful, knowledgeable, and intelligent woman who will bring a lot to the council (I hope she is reading this).