A little squirt won’t hurt

My daughter was good-naturedly chasing her favorite cat around the house with a water gun this weekend. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a Super Soaker, just one of those cheap little water guns. I laughed when I saw her stop to catch her breath, and she sprayed a few squirts in her mouth, before holding the water gun upright like James Bond and continuing on her quest to squirt the cat. She was sneaking around the corner so coyly, and it tickled me because it’s sure been a long time since I’ve done that!
It brought back lots of memories of me and my brothers and sisters or cousins sneaking around in the hot summer sun, chasing each other with water guns. Sacrificing your ammo was always a tough choice to make, because you didn’t want to run out of water, but it was 100 degrees most of the time. We didn’t have any of those Super Soaker AR-whatever water guns back then, just those cheapies, so you only had about 10 good squirts before you had to run back to “base,” AKA the water hose. So every now and then, your teammates would yell at you to, “Quit drinking the water!” as they caught you sneaking around the corner a little too slowly.
Oh, it’s those simple things in life…like a cheap squirt gun with cold water on a hot summer day, battling your cousins in a war of “girls against boys!”
It’s so funny to watch your kid do the same things we once did – so instinctively. It’s been way too long since I’ve drunk from a squirt gun…how about you?
When the cat finally surrendered and A’Dell set down the squirt gun, I picked it up and chased her around the house for a little while. I forgot how fun it was.
So…when it gets a little too hot this summer…grab a water gun and chase the kids around (or the cat). When you’re out of breath, drink from the fountain of youth. Who cares if that plastic is made in China and that water gun has been laying in the yard all week? One little squirt won’t hurt!