When’s the baby coming, and why can’t the stork bring it?

It was always my dream that I would wake up one morning and my mom would say “School’s cancelled! You can go back to sleep.” I never do recall that ever happening in such an impromptu manner, but A’Dell got that joy this morning. Thankfully, we haven’t been part of the major power outages and the havoc the freezing temps have caused.
With the MLK holiday and the Christmas holidays and this freezing cold holiday, me and my seven-year-old have sure done A LOT of puzzles in this house! I’m feeling very pregnant right about now, and I can’t do much to entertain her, so thankfully she enjoys doing puzzles and that gives us lots of one-on-one time. We do a lot of puzzles and she also plays a lot of “Doctor,” which basically means me laying in the recliner, while she examines my knees and elbows and wraps them up in toilet paper or towels “until they feel better.” She’s a very strict doctor, and always tells us we have to wear the cast “for two weeks.” Thankfully, two weeks fly by in about 5 minutes, so we can have our next doctor’s appointment.
I’m sure she needs all the attention and one-on-one time she can get with us having a baby on the way, after her being an only child for 7 years.
She’s very excited about the baby coming, and every day she asks what day it will be. Usually it’s the first thing she asks me in the morning. “Mom, what day is the baby going to be born?”
It’s a little nerve-racking for me though. I bought her a calendar so she could count down the days herself, but it did no good. As, I grow more and more nervous about the impending delivery, she grows more and more excited, and wants to talk about it more and more. Of course, for her it’s no big deal. The storks bringing it, so to speak, as far as she’s concerned. I sure wish he was! I try to avoid those questions and conversations though. Like the last time I was pregnant, I sure wish I could just lay an egg!