What COVID procedures will Devine ISD adopt this year?

Devine ISD Board of Trustees considered and discussed COVID related procedures for the 2021-22 School Year with Dr. Richard Neel and about 20 parents and teachers in attendance.

This was the first regular monthly meeting back in the Administration building since COVID hit during Spring Break of March 2020 and it was packed with teachers and parents concerned with COVID related procedures, especially quarantine procedures.
A special meeting will be called soon to discuss the COVID related procedures and allow the board time to think and gather information so they can present possible procedures, and allow parents the opportunity to give their opinions on the procedures.
Some of the options parents or teacher/parents suggested: No quarantine periods for direct contact unless symptomatic, hosting quarantine kids at school somehow, give parents the choice to quarantine if another child is positive in class instead of a forced 5 to 10 days to keep kids in school learning, allow those that have already had COVID or the vaccines to skip the quarantine periods as long as symptom free. Stay with current COVID related procedures.
Masks were not talked about except in reference to school buses. Seems there is federal policy that requires masks be worn in public transportation such as airports and buses, including school buses so they were looking into that further. “Our attorney confirmed for us that it does not apply to us,” said Nancy Pepper, School Board President. The federal definition of Public Transportation doesn’t include school buses.
Mrs. Pepper invited those in attendance to come back for the special meeting on the COVID relates procedures in the near future where they will decide what to do this year. They like to hear from citizens. More than likely the meeting will be the first week of August, maybe on August 2. Our Superintendent Todd Grandjean and Director of Nurses will take part in a conference hosted by Region 20 on August 2 that will cover COVID related procedures.
Watch the Devine News and DISD website for the meeting date.
Teachers go back August 9. School starts August 23. Band students already started practice July 19. Football and volleyball will start two a day practices August 2.

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36 acre tract
The board considered taking possible action adopting a written resolution authorizing the purchase of a 36 acre tract, more or less, located at W Colonial Parkway, Devine, TX 78016.
Chris Davis moved and seconded by Henry Moreno that the Board adopt a written resolution in the form provided to the Trustees, authorizing the purchase of the Property described in the agenda item and resolution as presented, and authorizing the Superintendent to negotiate the final purchase, execute the Real Estate Contract and close the sale and directing that the Board Secretary place a copy of the Resolution in the Official Minutes of this Meeting. Motion passed, Yea: 6 ( Davis, Moreno, Frieda, James, Pepper, Buvinghausen, Nay: 0, Absent: 1 ( Carl Brown)
By Kathleen Calame