Watch me run!

“Watch me! Watch me run outside Grandma!” said little Tucker as he took off out the back door, dressed in two of the fastest shoes in Devine. Two different shoes, mind you. And he was so fast that he ran right out of them shortly after taking off, and then again and again, as he ran in circles around every solid object in our yard.
“He’s a cross country runner!” Grandma commented. “And a fashion expert.”
Shortly before the “races”, he dressed himself in a long sleeve button up collared church shirt, two different shoes, and candy cane striped play pants. And based on his energy level, I’d say he would indeed make an excellent cross country runner. He might even be one of those exceptional people who run triathlons and such. I’ll tell you what, by the end of the day chasing Tucker, sometimes I feel like I’ve run a triathlon and not nearly as gracefully. Maybe I need to try putting on two different shoes the next time I chase him.
Yes indeed, he is the fastest, funniest, most enthusiastic cross country runner I’ve ever seen.