Warhorses win Pleasanton tournament

Daniel Ramirez and the rest of the Warhorses won the Pleasanton tournament.

Last weekend at the Pleasanton Varsity Tournament, the varsity Warhorses took charge and dominated each game. Coming home with the first place trophy was no problem after they won each game by at least 15 points.
Warming up in their first game against George West, the Warhorses easily won 63-33. Cash Walker scored 12 points, Sid Martinez 10, Jacob Oyola 9, Damien Martinez 7, Leonard Pompa 5, Dalton Kramer 5, Justin Contreras 4, Noah Brogen 3, Tristan Kramer 2, Daniel Ramirez 2, Kameren Adams 2, and Marques Burford 2.
Knippa was next to fall to the Warhorses. With Devine beating them 70-19, the game was over at the end of the first quarter when the score was 22-2. Knippa could not keep up with the tougher team. Pompa and Adams each scored 10, T. Kramer and Walker 8 each, Brogden 7, Contreras and D. Kramer 6 each, Oyola 5, Ramirez and Brady Cardenas 4 each, and Burford had 2 points.
Lytle put up more of a fight but still were beaten by the Warhorses 79-48. Walker led the scoring with 19 points, Pompa was close behind with 17, Contreras had 11, Ramirez 9, Burford 5, Pypla 5, D. Kramer 5, Cardenas 4, Brogden 2 and T. Kramer 2 points.
Facing Pleasanton on their home court for the championship game, the Warhorses were behind by 2 points at the end of the first at 15-13. Still trailing 29-25 at the end of the second, the Varsity team came out faster and stronger in the second half. Leading 46-48 at the end of the third, the fourth quarter was played as aggressively and the final score was 62-46. Walker had his best game of the tournament with 25 points. Oyola had 10 points, Pompa 9, D. Kramer 6, Contrereas 6, and Ramirez had 6 points.
The Warhorses have one game left before the holiday break and they will play in Dilley December 22.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer