Warhorses finish 2nd in Area track meet

Guido Zapata, center, won both the 110M Hurdles and the 300M Hurdles.

Almost, but not quite. The Devine Warhorse track team was oh-so-close to either winning Area or forcing a tie, however the Cuero Gobblers came out on top by 8 points, 142 to 134. However, fifteen Warhorses will continue their season as they advance to Regional at the University of Texas A&M-Kingsville.
Two throwers are making the trip to Javelina Stadium. Junior Dakota Wofford finished second in discus (135’7”) while fellow junior Tristan Ortiz qualified in shot put (43’11”), also in second place. Coach Devin Rotramel, “I am proud of all our throwers, almost everyone set a new personal record at the meet.”
Junior sprinter Isaiah Oropeza commented, “I am very excited that I advanced to Regional. This is where all of the hard work starts to show.” Isaiah qualified in the 200m dash by running a 23.2.
Team rankings: 1st-Cuero-142, 2nd-Devine-134, 3rd-Beeville Jones-74, 4th-Carrizo Springs-60, 5th-Lytle-51, 6th-Crystal City-43, 7th-Pleasanton-33, 8th-Somerset-31, 9th-Poteet-28, 10th-Pearsall-24.
Event results (top 4 advance to Regional):
3200m Run-1st-Rudy Gallegos-Carrizo Springs-9:51.3, 2nd-Devin Robles-Pearsall-9:53.1, 3rd-Isaiah Gomez-Lytle-10:21.8, 4th-Carlos Tamayo-Lytle-10:22.4, 5th-Will Green-Cuero-10:42.1, 6th-Adam Villereal-Somerset-11:07.6;
800m Run—Edson Hernandez-Lytle-1:59.4, 2nd-Brian Cardenas-Carrizo Springs-2:01.7, 3rd-Mark Cantu-Lytle-2:02.5, 4th-Adrian Zavala-Somerset-2:03.1, 5th-Orlando Oltivero-Pleasanton-2:07.4, 6th-Justin Sekula-Lytle-2:07.7;
110m Hurdles-Guido Zapata-Devine-14.69, 2nd-Isaac Mendiola-Pleasanton-15.76, 3rd-Trent Haynes-Cuero-15.85, 4th-Harold Gonzales-Pearsall-16.08, 5th-Paul Olvera-Crystal City-16.68, 6th-Gage Bowles-Cuero-17.33, 7th-Brady Harrell-Devine-17.57;
100m Dash—1st-Austin Sanchez-Crystal City-11.20, 2nd-Carlos Escamilla-Beeville Jones-11.33, 3rd-Antonio Soriano-Poteet-11.36, 4th-Jalen Spicer-Beeville Jones-11.63, 5th-Martin Ramos-Somerset-11.64, 6th-Isaiah Oropeza-Devine-11.65;
400m Dash—1st-Claevon Patton-Cuero-49.95, 2nd-Jayce Hackebeil-Devine-51.98, 3rd-Jordan Sandoval-Beeville Jones52.32, 4th-Luis Mercado-Crystal City-52.58, 5th-Oltivero-Pleasanton-53.26, 6th-Wyatt O’Connor-Cuero-53.86;
300m Hurdles-1st-Zapata-Devine-39.36, 2nd-Jared Love-Cuero-39.53, 3rd-Harrell-Devine-42.19, 4th-Josh Hill-Poteet-42.38, 5th-Alex Gallegos-Carrizo Springs-43.42, 6th-Gage Bowles-Cuero-44.28;
200m Dash—1st-Travis Gomez-Beeville Jones-22.36, 2nd-Oropeza-Devine-23.20, 3rd-Justin Ficklen-Cuero-23.39, 4th-Aaron Terrazas-Devine-23.44, 5th-Antonio Soriano-Poteet-23.49, 6th-Jesse Sambrano-Pearsall-23.82;
1600m Run—1st-Hernandez-Lytle-4:31.2, 2nd-Gallegos-Carrizo Springs-4:31.5, 3rd-Gomez-Lytle-4:34.6, 4th-Robles-Pearsall-4:46.6, 5th-Green-Cuero-4:56.8, 6th-Cole Alcorn-Cuero-4:58.9;

Justin Contreras took 3rd in the Long Jump.

Long Jump—1st-Jobe-Carrizo Springs-21’6 ¾”, 2nd-Soriano-Poteet-20’7 ¾”, 3rd-Justin Contreras-Devine-20’7 ¼”, 4th-Donivan Givens-Beeville Jones-20’1”, 5th-Daemien Robles-Cuero-19’10”, 6th-Mercado-Crystal City-19’9 ¾”;
Shot Put—1st-Howard Sherrick-Carrizo Springs-45’2”, 2nd-Tristan Ortiz-Devine-43’11”, 3rd-Roderick King-Poteet-43’10”, 4th-Trey Moore-Cuero-43’8”, 5th-Dayton Ball-Cuero-43’4”, 6th-Tanner Hardcastle-Devine-43’2”;
Discus—1st-Randy DeLeon-Beeville Jones-140’3 ½”, 2nd-Dakota Wofford-Devine-135’7”, 3rd-Micheal Cuevas-Crystal City-126’7 ½”, 4th-Mathew Castro-Carrizo Springs-126’5”, 6th-Marques Burford-Zawahreh-Devine-120’8”;
Triple Jump—1st-Robles-Cuero-40’7 ¼”, 2nd-Jayden Mitchell-Cuero-40’5 ½”, 3rd-Isaac Mendiola-Pleasanton-40’5”, 4th-Shaquille Smith-Carrizo Springs-40’2 ¼”, 5th-Thomas Dominguez-Lytle-39’11”, 6th-Josiah Vaquera-Pearsall-38’3 ¼”, 7th-Contreras-37’4 ¾”;
High Jump—1st-Dalton Hobbs-Pleasanton-6’4”, 2nd-Mercado-Crystal City-5’10”, 3rd-Bowles-Cuero-5’10”, 4th-Adrian Zavala-Somerset-5’8”, 5th-Dominguez-Lytle-5’8”, 6th-Brady Cardenas-Devine-5’6”;
Pole Vault—1st-Jacob Cuellar-Cuero-11’9”, 2nd-Javi Torres-Devine-11’6”, 3rd-Jacob Featherly-Devine-11’0”, 4th-Gilbert Balderas-Carrizo Springs-11’0”, 5th-Daniel Salaiz-Pearsall-11’0”, 6th-Jaret Statler-Pleasanton-10’6”.
4x100m—1st-Cuero-43.36, 2nd-Devine-Terrazas, Martinez, Zapata, Luke Torres-43.77, 3rd-Somerset-44.30, 4th-Beeville Jones-44.48, 5th-Crystal City-44.65, 6th-Poteet-44.91;
4x200m—1st-Cuero-1:31.0, 2nd-Devine-Grant Collins, Terrazas, Martinez, L. Torres-1;31.2, 3rd-Beeville Jones-1:31.3, 4th-Somerset-1:33.3, 5th-Lytle-1:34.9, 6th-Pleasanton-1:35.2;
4x400m—Cuero-3:24.8, 2nd-Devine-Martinez, Hackebeil, Donavon Camacho, L. Torres-3:27.1, 3rd-Beeville Jones-3:28.1, 4th-Crystal City-3:32.7, 5th-Pearsall-3:38.3, 6th-Pleasanton-3:38.5.
The Warhorses making the nearly three-hour trip to Javelina Stadium are Isaiah Oropeza, Aaron Terrazas, Xsavior Martinez, Jayce Hackebeil, Donavon Camacho, Luke Torres, Justin Contreras, Tristan Ortiz, Dakota Wofford, Javi Lopez, Jacob Featherly, Guido Zapata, Grant Collins, Brady Harrell, and Juan Sic. Best of luck!!!
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer