Arabian track nets second consecutive Area track championship

The Arabians won the Area track meet for the second year in a row.

The Devine Arabians captured the Area Track Championship at Warhorse Stadium last Wednesday evening. The Arabians totaled 97 points, topping second place Cuero who finished with 89. Devine also won last year’s meet. Pleasanton, who had beaten the Arabians in each invitational that they had competed head to head this season, finished third.
“Pleasanton had our number most of the season,” stated Coach Khera Vay. “They have a great group of track athletes that we had a tough job overcoming throughout the year. Cuero won their district’s championship over Pleasanton so, realistically, we were expecting to place third and would have been extremely happy with that considering what Pleasanton and Cuero were putting on the track.”
“Our ladies didn’t care about any of that,” Vay continued. “Each of them competed to the best of their ability and it paid off as we came out the champion in the end. We are all extremely proud of what they were able to accomplish.”
Fourteen exceptionally talented Arabians will represent Devine ISD at Regional in Kingsville at Javelina Stadium this weekend on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28. They are Mari Murillo, Brooke Runyan, Tayler Rice, Megan Runyan, Mackenzie Schneider, Alissa Stehle, Sydney Rendon, Andrea Gomez, Bri Bowyer, Maycee Howard, Analea Brookes, Harlie Walker, Kayla Hollembeak, and Dana Aaron. Best of luck!!!
Team rankings: 1st-Devine-97, 2nd-Cuero-89, 3rd-Pleasanton-86, 4th-Pearsall-79, 5th-Poteet-74, 6th-Carrizo Springs-52, 7th-Beeville Jones-46, 8th-Somerset-38, 9th-Lytle-30, 10th-Crystal City-29.
Event results (top 4 advance to Regional):
3200m Run-1st-Clarissa Cantu-Lytle-12:26.7, 2nd-Brooke Wendel-Cuero-12:30.5, 3rd-Mari Murillo-Devine-12:42.4, 4th-Nayeli Garcia-Crystal City-12:57.9, 5th-Isel Garza-Carrizo Springs-13.12.8, 6th-Briana Alvarado-Poteet-13:14.0;
800m Run—1st-Caitlyn Nieschwitz-Pleasanton-2:29.9, 2nd-Brooke Runyan-2:30.0, 3rd-Brianna Moreno-Pearsall-2:31.3, 4th-Bianca Haynes-Poteet-2:33.1, 5th-Laren Gomez-Lytle-2:37.5, 6th-Espi Mendonza-Devine-2:38.5;
100m Hurdles-Taylor Dinkelmann-Somerset-17.4, 2nd-Anissa Duck-Carrizo Springs-17.61, 3rd-Tayler Rice-Devine-17.63, 4th-Megan Runyan-Devine-18.0, 5th-Solara Rosales-Somerset-18.3, 6th-Te’Era Johnson-Cuero-21.9;
100m Dash—1st-Ibree Coe-Cuero-12.4, 2nd-Danica DelaFuente-Poteet-12.6, 3rd-Alina Escamilla-Poteet-12.8, 4th-Jazmine Velasquez-Carrizo 12.93, 5th-Sydney Rendon-Devine-12.98, 6th-Aaliyah Garcia-Crystal City-13.0;
400m Dash—1st-Ayanna Oltivero-Pleasanton-59.0, 2nd-Escamilla-Poteet-1:00.9, 3rd-Thalia Bosquez-Pleasanton-1:01.2, 4th-Kebbi Kianna-Pearsall-1:01.4, 5th-Katrina Aguilar-Somerset-1:01.6, 6th-Brianna Moreno-Pearsall-1:04.3;
300m Hurdles—1st-Megan Gonzales-Beeville Jones-48.0, 2nd-M. Runyan-Devine-50.0, 3rd-Rosales-Somerset-50.2, 4th-Rice-Devine-50.6, 5th-April Findley-Pleasanton-50.8, 6th-Duck-Carrizo Springs-52.9;
200m Dash—1st-Ibree Coe-Cuero-25.3, 2nd-DelaFuente-Poteet-25.9, 3rd-Kebbi-Pearsall-26.5, 4th-Velasquez-Carrizo Springs-26.7, 5th-Gift Owalabi-Carrizo Springs-26.8, 6th-Regan Dunn-Cuero-27.6;
1600m Run—1st-Wendel-Cuero-5:35.2, 2nd-Murillo-Devine-5:46.5, 3rd-Nieschwitz-Pleasanton-5:46.9, 4th-Cantu-Lytle-5:47.7, 5th-Garza-Carrizo Springs-5:49.3, 6th-Garcia-Crystal City-5:59.4;
Long Jump—1st-Allie Estrada-Beeville Jones-16’9 ¼”, 2nd-DelaFuente-Poteet-16’8 ¼”, 3rd-Escamilla-Poteet-16’5 ½”, 4th-Kaylynn Rios-Pearsall-16’4 ½”, 5th-Rendon-Devine-16’ 1 ¾”, 6th-Victoria Castillo-Pleasanton-15’3”;
Shot Put—1st-Kassandra Olveda-Crystal City-34’7 ½”, 2nd-Lexi Wesley-Cuero-33’ 5 ½”, 3rd-Katelin Van Dong-Lytle-33’ 1 ½”, 4th-Illeana Bosquez-Pleasanton-33’0”, 5th-Samantha Jimenez-Pearsall-31’3 ½”, 6th-Alexandra Cruz-Crystal City-31’ 0 ½”;
Discus—1st-Olveda-Crystal City-110’8”, 2nd-Noelia Medina-Lytle-104’1”, 3rd-Wesley-Cuero-101’7”, 4th-Paige Hubert-Pleasanton-97’6 ½”, 5th-Analea Brooks-Devine-92’11”, 6th-Danielle Howell-Poteet-89’5 ½”;
Triple Jump—1st-Estrada-Beeville Jones-35’10 ¼”, 2nd-Alissa Stehle-Devine-33’ 4 ¾”, 3rd-Velasquez-Carrizo Springs-32’ 2 ¼”, 4th-Mackenzie Schneider-Devine-31’ 7 ¾”, 5th-Brianna Campos-Carrizo Springs-31’2 ½”, 6th-Maraya Guzman-Cuero-30’ 10 ¼”;
High Jump—1st-Rios-Pearsall-4’10”, 2nd-Moreno-Pearsall-4’10”, 3rd-Victoria Castillo-Pleasanton-4’8”, 4th-Madison Gibson-Cuero-4’8”, 5th-Gracie Howard-Cuero-4’8”, 6th-Owalabi-Carrizo Springs-4’8”;
Pole Vault—1st-Parsons-Pearsall-9’0”, 2nd-Bri Bowyer-Devine-8’6”, 3rd-Maycee Howard-Devine-8’6”, 4th-Mackenzie Blain-Cuero-8’0”, 5th-Kaylah Hollembeak-Devine-8’0”, 6th-Bosquez-Pleasanton-7’6”.
4x100m—1st-Poteet-50.3, 2nd-Cuero-50.6, 3rd-Pearsall-51.0, 4th-Beeville Jones-52.4, 5th-Pleasanton-52.6, 6th-Crystal City-53.2;
4x200m—1st-Carrizo Springs-1:49.0, 2nd-Devine-Schneider, Stehle, Rendon, Andrea Gomez-1:49.5, 3rd-Pleasanton-1:50.5, 4th-Cuero-1:50.9, 5th-Pearsall-1:51.1, 6th-Somerset-1:51.6;
4x400m—1st-Pleasanton-4:11.9, 2nd-Somerset-4:12.8, 3rd-Pearsall-4:18.2, 4th-Beeville Jones-4:20.4, 5th-Poteet-4:22.0, 6th-Devine-Gomez, Harlie Walker, Mendoza, B. Runyan-4:22.6.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer