Warhorse football’s tradition of success continues

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If anyone ever thinks a championship should feel somewhat ‘shallow’ due to sharing it with another team or teams, that person may or may not have ever been in a position to claim a high school championship in their particular sport of play. On the other hand, possibly, those people have a hard time putting into perspective this championship compared to what they have seen accomplished over the last decade or so.
In 2010, Devine, Hondo, and Somerset shared the top honors in their football district. Since then, the Horses claimed titles in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, and share it once again in 2018 with Hondo and Crystal City. The 2009 group did not exactly walk away empty handed; they beat Mathis in Bi-District to get a gold ball at the end of that season.
Therefore, this district championship title marks the fourth in the last five years for your hometown team. I think we may all be getting a lil spoiled…in a good way, though.
Hondo last raised a district championship banner in that 2010 season while Crystal City might have to look deep into their closet to pull out the 1953 title banner that squad last captured. I will not make a ‘when Popeye met Olive Oil’ reference as I jokingly did a couple of years ago but I bet there is probably more than just a little dust on that one.
This current Devine Warhorse football roster overcame many obstacles during the 2018 campaign to EARN a district title and the gold ball that comes along with that distinction. Injuries to major players hit the Horses hard once again early in the season, but they were able to overcome and prosper.
These players are proud of their accomplishment, and rightfully so. Congratulations Warhorse players, coaches, and everyone else who put time in to an overly successful season that has not yet been played to completion. The upcoming Navarro game is not a lock for the Panthers, as some would like to believe.
Devine has hit their stride the last couple of ballgames and look to be on a mission. Injured players are returning, the defense is solid, and the offense has averaged 479 yards in their last two games. Be there to root on the Horses as they take on the Navarro Panthers in Floresville Friday night. Kickoff is set for 7:30pm.
Straight from the Horses’ mouths
“It was one of our preseason goals. We worked hard to get it and now we have to keep moving forward. Against Navarro, we will have to read our keys and pay attention to what the coaches ask us to do.”—senior RB/OLB Deme Monreal
“Achieving a DC was a goal that was set for a while. It has brought a lot of confidence that we were able to achieve our goal. This seems a lot different than when we faced them in the scrimmage but we will be ready for whatever they throw at us.”—senior OL/DT Mason Perez
“I am proud to be part of this group of players and I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to compete against Navarro in the first round of playoffs. Our scrimmage against Navarro went well so the team is very confident going into this week’s game.”—senior WR/DB Isaiah Oropeza
“Although we had set our sights on being the sole district champions, it is a testament to the dedication and determination of the Warhorse team and the coaching staff to overcome the adversity we have been faced with this season to share in the title of district champs. This group of players have learned and grown so much, not only as a team but also as a family from the early season scrimmage against Navarro. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to play them in the full four quarters of football for a chance to prove ourselves and to be bi-district champions.”—senior WR/DB Guido Zapata
“It is very exciting especially since it’s my senior year to know that all of our hard work as a team has brought us so much victory this season and now we are going to continue to work hard for this next win against Navarro.”—senior OL/DT Tristan Ortiz
“It was a great feeling capturing the district championship not only for me but my fellow seniors, and I’m glad we’re playing Navarro for Bi-District. It will be a major obstacle for us and a great way to get some momentum on our side.”—senior RB/WR/DB Donavon Camacho
“It’s always a good feeling to go get a gold ball. I think we match up pretty well against Navarro’s schemes but regardless it’ll be a good, tough game.”—senior QB/OLB Chad Lawson
“It feels great to have at least a share at the district title. That was a huge goal at the beginning of the season. As for Navarro, I believe we can win if we do the little things right. I know we can score on them. It’s gonna come down to defense.”—senior RB/DB Grant Collins
“I am happy for myself and my teammates as we continued to better ourselves and each other throughout district play. I am beyond excited to play Navarro for the Bi-District championship as I think we can shock many people and prove ourselves as we take on this tough team. I have faith in my boys that they are ready to give everything they have for this game.”—senior RB/OLB Brady Cardenas
“I really don’t think about championships; I think about playing my best and having fun with my brothers on the field. My goal for Navarro is to go all out play after play. We have to play every game as if it is our last game. And for the seniors, this might be their last game, but I am going to do my best to keep it going further.”—junior OL/DT Kaylob Nira
“I am very happy that we got the District Championship and am thankful for my teammates. I have been watching and studying film on Navarro’s defense so I know what to expect and what to do. My goal is to give all I have and come out with the win.”—junior OL/DT Jesus Hernandez
“I feel like we should have won the district championship outright but we just didn’t have enough energy against Crystal City. We played poorly. Plain and simple, I feel like we are the best team going into the Navarro game; we wake up in the morning and emit excellence.”—sophomore TE/DE Christian Gerlach
“Even though we had the disappointing loss to Crystal City, and with Hondo helping out by beating Crystal City we were able to win a share of our fourth district title in five years. We are blessed around here with high expectations and able to follow through on those yearly expectations.”—Special Team Coordinator Scott Taylor
“I feel like we are playing our best football right now. We are peaking at the right time and we are excited for the playoffs. Now that we share the District Title and these boys have earned a Gold Ball, we want to continue this momentum into the playoffs. Having a District Championship for 4 out of the last 5 years is a really great accomplishment.”—Head Coach Paul Gomez
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer