Warhorse football season statistics

Andy Zapata, Jimmer Kramer, and James Ornelas roam the Warhorse sideline on Friday nights gathering statistical information on both the opposing team and Devine. With the 2018 season now in the rear view mirror, we can look at what the Warhorses were able to accomplish between the lines during their 2018 Tri-District Championship season.
Devine accumulated 4,189 yards on 577 offensive plays from scrimmage for an average of 381 yards per game and 7.3 yards per play while yielding only 3,279 yards on 506 plays for averages of 298 and 6.5. The Warhorses rushed 409 times for 2,378 yards for 5.8 yards per carry while surrendering 2,290 yards on 380 carries for an even 6 yards per carry.
Devine’s 98 of 168 passing (58%) for 1,811 yards, 164.6 yards per game, and 18.5 yards per catch were huge in the Warhorses big-play offense. The Warhorse secondary allowed 60 receptions on 137 attempts (48%) for only 989 yards on the season and 16.5 per catch.
Devine had more total first downs (168 to 137), third down conversions (48 of 102 for 47% to 26 of 84 for 31%), and fourth down conversions (12 of 24 for 50% to 10 of 24 for 42%).
The first half was typically good for the Warhorse side of the scoreboard. Devine outscored its opponent 57 to 49 in the first quarter and 121 to 71 in the second quarter. The second half told another story however as the Horses were outscored 71 to 58 in the third quarter and again 91 to 76 in the fourth quarter. Devine scored 312 points (28.4 per game) compared to 282 for their opponent (25.6 per game).
District Offensive MVP Guido Zapata led the Horses in several categories. Receptions (52), receiving yards (1,104), rushing yards (669), and total touchdowns (22).
Chad Lawson completed 95 of 164 pass attempts for 1,805 yards and a 65% completion ratio. He also passed for 21 touchdowns while being picked off a mere five times. Lawson rushed 132 times for 476 yards and 14 touchdowns, not to mention the countless two-point conversion runs.
Isaiah Oropeza (2 of 3 for 5 yards) and Justin Contreras (1 of 1 for 1 yard) also threw passes during the season.
Donavon Camacho converted to running back after injuries to several Warhorses. He ran 102 times for 642 yards and four touchdowns and caught 13 passes for 205 yards and two scores.
Grant Collins (33 for 231, 1 TD), Mason Burford (39 for 123, 1 TD), Contreras (15 for 80, 2 TD), Oropeza (9 for 68), Deme Monreal (11 for 56), Sergio Martinez (4 for 10), Brady Cardenas (2 for 9), Xsavior Martinez (2 for 15), and Joseph Guajardo (1 for 1) rounded out the Warhorse rushing statistics.
Oropeza was the Horse’s second leading receiver behind Zapata with 15 receptions for 266 yards and one touchdown. Cardenas (7 for 145, 2 TDs), Contreras (5 or 34), Sergio Martinez (4 for 40), Xsavior Martinez (1 for 13), and Burford (1 for 4) accounted for the remaining catches and yards receiving.
Thanks, gentlemen
Usually a thankless job goes mostly unnoticed, Andy, Jimmer, and James donate their time and energy accumulating these stats during the season and are responsible for reporting the information to the San Antonio Express-News after each game.
Whether it is directly after a game when Head Coach Paul Gomez and his staff review those statistics to get a better idea of what went right or wrong throughout that night’s contest, or whether it is someone who browses through the sport’s section religiously as I do, those statistics mean many things to many different people.
Coach Gomez sends a huge “Thank You” for your dedication to the Warhorse football program and the time that is put in to getting Devine players recognition for their night’s work.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer