Varsity faced Poteet, Ingram, Natalia, Pleasanton and Marion

The Arabians are now 3-4 after facing Poteet, Ingram, Natalia, Pleasanton and Marion last week. They were 3-2 winning every other game in the busy week and showed they have the endurance to take on anyone at any time.
Poteet “was a little slower paced then what we are used to so it caught us off guard. We did make some mistakes on defense but we are slowly learning and getting comfortable with each other on the court. Each game we play the girls are learning more and more and you can see them growing each time they step on the court.” Coach Leigh Anne McIver. The Arabians won 25-18, 25-22, and 25-18.
Kills: Megan Runyan 14, Rylee Esquibel 4, Bailey Oropeza 2, Aleyna Gerlach 2, Madison Pike 4. Aces: Allison Stevens 2, Esquibel 2, Pike 4. Blocks: Darian Alvarez 1, Gerlach 1. Digs: Stevens 5, Runyan 7, Esquibel 13, Kristina Morales 11, Oropeza 6, Pike 1. Assists: Stevens 9, Esquibel 12, Moralez 3, Alvarez 1.
Ingram picked up the pace in the Arabians’ second match on August 18th. “We did awesome in the first set. We really limited our errors and were aggressive. We just lost steam as the match went along. But lots and lots of positives this match! We took our errors from the Poteet game and corrected them.” Coach McIver Devine took the first set 25-20 but then stumbled losing the rest 16-25, 16-25, and 10-25.
Kills: Esquibel 7, Oropeza 1, Brianna Torres 1, Gerlach 1, Pike 6. Aces: Moralez 4, Oropeza 3. Blocks: Gerlach 2. Digs: Stevens 1, Esquibel 10, Moralez 14, Oropeza 10, Lacey Shook 3, Gerlach 7, Pike 2. Assists: Stevens 9, Esquibel 5, Moralez 1.
Friday night against Natalia, the Arabians won the first two sets at 21-25, 25-11; then fell behind and lost the third 25-27. They quickly recovered and dominated the fourth set winning 25-5. “We did some really great things tonight! Set 1 took us a while to get going, set 2 we came out more aggressive, set 3 we just had way too many errors and set 4 we had something to prove and they did just that. The girls did a great job of staying focused and being aggressive for the majority of the night. Things are starting to come together and we are getting much more comfortable with each other.” Coach McIver
Kills: Esquibel 10, Oropeza 2, Darian Alvarez 1, Torres 7, Gerlach 12, Pike 10. Aces: Stevens 3, Oropeza 8, Pike 2. Blocks: Alvarez 1, Pike 3. Digs: Stevens 1, Esquibel 4, Moralez 24, Oropeza 10, Shook 4, Pike 5. Assists: Stevens 13, Esquibel 27, Morales 1.
The Arabians fell to Pleasanton 16-25, 21-25, and 23-25 in their first double header on Saturday. “We just weren’t awake for this game. It took us a while to get going and we just made too many errors to overcome. In the 3rd set we woke up some but just didn’t make the plays when it counted.” Coach McIver
Kills: Runyan 3, Esquibel 5, Oropeza 3, Alvarez 3, Torres 2, Gerlach 10, Pike 4. Aces: Stevens 2, Esquibel 2, Moralez 1, Pike 2. Blocks: Oropeza 1, Pike 3. Digs: Stevens 1, Esquibel 6, Moralez 18, Oropeza 8, Alvarez 1, Shook 2, Torres 2, Gerlach 1, Pike 1. Assists: Stevens 11, Esquibel 13.
The Arabians turned it around to beat Marion 25-16, 25-17, and 25-18. “We played much better in this match. We were moving on the court better and way more aggressive at the net. We still made some errors but this time we were able to overcome them quicker and focus on the next point. We are still learning each other but we are definitely growing each set and that’s what is important at this point of the season.” Coach McIver
Kills: Esquibel 6, Oropeza 3, Alvarez 4, Torres 2, Gerlach 4, Pike 7. Aces: Stevens 1, Esquibel 3, Pike 1. Blocks: Alvarez 1, Pike 2. Digs: Stevens 3, Esquibel 2, Moralez 6, Oropeza 3, Torres 2, Gerlach 1, Pike 1.
The Arabians will play in Llano this Saturday and also face Salado there. Then in La Vernia Tuesday night and at home next Friday against Marion.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer