Unfunded mandates

Spent the weekend on the other side of Houston. Hate going to and through Houston. Four hour obstacle course that renders the cruise control obsolete, complete with morons that delight in their ignorance of how not to operate a motor vehicle effectively and courteously. One of the good parts was that it rained two of the three days we was there. Kenny Pigg, over in Orange, was complaining about having to shred his pasture more often this year and was hoping for a dry spell. Move to Devine, we got plenty of dry here. Bright spot was visiting the kids and grandkids…who now have directives to move on this side of wherever they move to next cause Jack Morris is gonna move me the next time I move.
Commissioners Court approved the Preliminary Plat for the Medina Valley ISD Potranco Ranch Middle School located off FM 1957. Medina County is slowly being invaded by San Antonio. Building schools is only one result of the invasion. There’s crime (we already need a bigger jail and more law enforcement) strains on our infrastructure (County Roads) and the affect it will have on our water sources and traffic. I realize there are positive aspects to growth but, it needs to be positive, effective growth. If the costs related to the growth could be offset by funds produced by the growth, it would be kinda OK.
Hope folks have been following what the Legislature has been trying to hand us through the smoke and mirrors. “We need to give the Teachers a raise!!!” Great idea and very necessary. BUT…the Legislature is proposing to give the raise at the expense of the School Districts (unfunded mandate) who will probly have to raise taxes to pay for it. This will probly not pass the vote in the House. Don’t think the 48 cent an hour raise will accomplish much….a dollar would be better. That would make it a $2,080 a year raise.
According to the SA paper this morning (Monday), the idea to fund the raises from the Lottery Fund was “scrapped” before the Committee sent the Bill forward for a vote. Thought the Lottery was sold to us as a means to fund Public Schools…..somebody dropped the ball on this one. The Texas Constitution says that funding schools is the State’s responsibility. Currently, the State provides about 38% of the funding for Public Schools in Texas. Don’t think they assumed much responsibility, in fact, seems like the State is shirking their responsibility.
Another unfunded mandate in which the State is attempting to force Counties to raise taxes to cover the cuts made in the State Budget is forcing Appraisal Districts to raise appraisals by 13.81% over the next two years. Higher appraisals, higher taxes.
Wanna change things a little on the positive side….double the sales tax.
Our County Clerk did not resign last week as expected so, a lawsuit to have her position vacated was filed Friday evening. Now we wait for a Judge to tell us whether or not to appoint an Interim County Clerk, then take applications, interview and appoint a permanent County Clerk.
Don’t forget to thank the Man upstairs for the rain we are going to receive, I believe we can be site specific in this area. The only thing missing in the MLB Hall of Fame is the inclusion of Pete Rose’s bust. I am going to boycott the Hall until he is included. That oughta show ’em. Only 152 more days to Christmas, Murdock.