The Schott family

The Schott family at a recent Christmas gathering: Laurie, Cheryl, Sandra, Marsha, Kathy, Marlene, Randy, Richard and Bryan.

The Schott family came from Wittelsheim, Alsace, France. Their ancestry dates back as far as Michel Schott – who was born in 1792 during the French Revolution – and Elizabeth Haegele, whom he married after his first wife died. One of this couple’s children is Dominic Schott, born in 1835. Dominic married Mary Anna Soltner in Wittelsheim. In 1869, the family left Wittlesheim for Texas and ultimately Castroville, where Dominic’s brother, Frank, had settled in 1850. Having had experience in the French Army, Dominic signed up to serve as a Texas Ranger.
In 1872, Dominic purchased land on the Medina River from August Tondre, and there still stands the historical home he built. One trade he had learned was that of a stonemason, and that fact is important because he built the old convent at Moye in 1873 as well as the first stone jail in Frio City, 1872 (History of Medina County Texas, Vol II). Some years later, before 1900, the Schott family moved from Castroville and settled near Devine where they were instrumental in establishing St. Joseph’s Catholic parish, where Dominic’s descendants still worship. One of Dominic’s sons was Louis, who married Josephine Kempf. Their son was George Louis Schott. George married Helen Neatherlin, and the two had seven children: George Vernon, Claude, Randy, Evelyn, Joyce Mae, David, and Roger. Randy married Marlene Salzman of La Coste, and the stories of their children are told here.
Sandra Collins
Sandra Schott graduated from DHS in 1977 and married Richard Collins of Natalia in 1980. They have three daughters: Shannon (married Nathan Frazier), Stacie (married Jason Mann), and Tanya (married Lance Rose). Sandra and Richard now have six grandchildren: Aaron, Karsyn, Jacob, Holden, Kolbi, and Cannon.
Sandra has worked for Morales Feed and Supply for thirty-one years. She says, “I have enjoyed working with the wonderful farmers and ranchers of this great community.” And it is a certainty that Fred Morales and his customers agree that Sandra is an indispensible asset. When not at work, Sandra says her favorite place to be is with family and friends, and her best memories are “growing up in such a loving family where there was always an adventure.”
One regret Sandra has is never having had the opportunity to know her Grandpa George Schott, who passed away in his forties; however, she has heard so many stories about him from family and friends that she feels like she has known him all her life. She relates that her Granny Helen raised her seven children alone – before there was government assistance – by working three jobs. Her “strength in faith and in love” was passed down to her children and to theirs. Sandra adds that her daddy, Randy Schott, “was such a great example of this love and strength.”
Bryan Randolph Schott
Bryan Schott, who graduated from DHS in 1984, is the eldest son of Randy and Marlene Schott. Right out of high school, Bryan went to work in the oil fields, but his career is as a conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad, where he has remained for over 20 years.
Bryan’s 15-year-old son, Randy Quinton, attends Devine High School. He is a member of the NHS and is “an astonishing football player,” says his dad. Bryan’s daughter, Brooke Mackenzie, is 13 and also excels in academics and sports. Bryan says that he is following his own father’s lead by teaching his children, as well as other young children in the extended family, “about life, family, wildlife, and, most of all, how to have fun.”
Kathy Schott Crouch
After graduating from DHS in 1982, Kathy went into banking and loan administration, a career that lasted over 30 years. She and her husband, Keith Crouch of Kyote, TX, celebrated their 35th anniversary this last January. They have three children: Nichole, who married Wesley Gordon; Wesley, who married Risa Meneley; and Kimberly, married Cody Lane. Kathy and Keith have five grandsons: Trenton, Trason, Brody, Brock, and Johnny.
Although they have remained in the Devine area, Kathy explains that she and Keith have moved many times over the years because they have bought, remodeled, and sold numerous properties in Devine. But she adds that with Keith’s upcoming retirement this year, they look forward to traveling to places they haven’t been and to spending more time with family and friends – which, she says, “…is the most important thing to us.” And they eagerly anticipate finding a permanent home.
Cheryl Schott Lorraine
Cheryl is the first born to Randy and Marlene. She graduated from DHS in 1975 and earned her Associated Degree from SAC in Applied Science. She married Brett Lorraine, and the two have three children. Kristen, who is a beautician, married Chad Friesenhahn and they have two children: Luke and Paislee. Courtney Lorraine is an LVN and has two children: Abbie and Kelsie Lorraine is a teacher in Devine. Cheryl has been employed with Tex Spice of Devine for over 25 years and has worked at W.O.G. Supply in Devine for four years.
Cheryl, whose past time these days is Bingo on Thursday nights at the VFW in Devine, says her children’s and their children’s activities have been a great source of enjoyment to her and that she is very proud of her family where everyone was taught respect of others and of oneself.
Laurie Ann Schott
Third oldest of the seven Schott children is Laurie, (DHS, 1978). She began working in the auto industry in 1984 for Brown Chevrolet. She then attended St. Philips College where she studied Collision and Estimating, becoming a licensed Insurance Adjuster and Agent. Over the years, she has obtained certifications and licenses that earned her the opportunity to work in different settings: collision estimator in body shops, local agent for Alexander Insurance, and as an adjuster for Pilot Catastrophe Services, where she traveled to work claims throughout the Northwestern US after damaging storms.
Laurie has three daughters, three sons-in-law, and seven grandchildren. Her oldest daughter, Tracie Marie, is a pharmacist and married Danny Lawler. Their children are Addison Marie and Gage Daniel. Kelly Danielle is a teacher. She married Jason Hurst, and their children are Caden Bailey, Taylor Jay, and Jace Ryder. Roxanne Renee is an RN, and she is married to Joshua Westerholm. Their children are Raelynn Renee and William Kurt.
As with her siblings, the family values of work ethic and love mean a lot to Laurie. She recalls that her early childhood days were “filled with joy and laughter on the creeks at Granny Helen Schott’s and on Granny and Papa Salzman’s farm. Laurie says that “being raised by a tough man with a good heart,” they were taught that when they fell down, “to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and keep on going.”
Laurie, who admits to being “strong willed,” says she married Charles David Huffman right out of high school. And although they divorced in 1999, they “remain friends to love and support our children and grandchildren.” Laurie claims that she is a passionate mom and granny, and although stubborn, she always puts her faith and family first.
Marsha Schott Whitley
Born as the fourth of the seven, as the middle child, Marsha candidly states, “I developed a savvy and skillful style of negotiating that served me well later as a teacher.” Marsha graduated from DHS in 1979 and married Jerome (Jerry) Whitley the following year. The two then moved to San Antonio where they lived from until 2000. Then, the two decided to moved back to Devine to raise their children in “the small-town atmosphere, and to return closer to my roots and family.”
Marsha and Jerry raised three children: Matthew (Matt), Bridget, and James (Jim). Matt unexpectedly passed away in 2012, but Marsha says, “…not before following in the footsteps of his father as a San Antonio Fire Fighter.” Bridget married Edward Stuart and became a teacher. They have two children: Garrett and Carter. Jim married Katie Harop and served in the Army. He is now driving trucks, and they also have two children: Slade and Gunner Whitley.
Eventually, Marsha decided to return to school where she pursued her teaching degree, earning her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. Subsequently, she began teaching for Southwest ISD. She says that when she’s not teaching, she loves to travel, especially cruises. Then she adds whimsically, “…in case anyone is inviting….”
Currently, Marsha and Jerry are attending classes at the Mexican American Catholic College in support of Jerry’s preparations to become a deacon in the Catholic Church.
Richard Schott
Richard Louis Schott, the youngest of the seven, graduated from Devine in the Class of 1994. Richard has been in sales for the past 18 years and is currently a top salesman at North Park Toyota of San Antonio. Richard married Jennifer Schott from Devine, where they currently reside. They have two children: Kenzie, who is in third grade in Devine, and Jaxson, who is two.
Richard is honored to share that his dad, who grew up on his parent’s dairy outside Devine, graduated from DHS in 1949 and subsequently won the Golden Gloves Boxing Championship in Austin four years in a row. In addition, his mother, Marlene, graduated from La Coste in 1955. Also, Richard relates that before the St. Joseph Church Fourth of July Festival was held at Keller Park, it took place at his Granny’s place. Clearly, the Schott children have good reason to feel immense pride in their parents, their grandparents, and their heritage.