TxDot reimbursement

Not a lot of rain to speak of but, everything has greened up and the Burn Ban has been lifted. We’ve gotten 22.8 inches of rain so far this year compared to 30.5 last year. Still time to catch up. Finally getting a little cooler and can only hope that ice and snow follow this and kill off some of the bugs.
Just a whole lot of blah-blah-blah this week at Commissioners Court. We (Pct 4) did receive reimbursement from TxDOT supported projects in the amount of $14,419 and a little over $6,100 from the sale of junk equipment. We hope to apply these funds to a much needed vehicle and retire the well used truck we fix on a regular basis. Sometime in the next coupla years, we hope to replace our tractor, leaving the next Commissioner with sound, dependable equipment that does not require weekly maintenance.
As soon as we get our TxDOT allocated Road and Bridge funds, we will begin stockpiling materials for the CR 5710 project we look to start next Spring (This is usually around $8,000). Then we can look forward to folks being upset with us because they have to take alternate routes, their car is getting dirty, we are taking too long, its such an inconvenience and such. Then, after it is finished, the issue becomes speeding vehicles. Call Randy…
Went to a City Planning and Zoning meeting about the proposed subdivision behind the football field. Nobody there but the builder, the Board, me and the Mayor. Hope folks get informed about this proposed effort and come to the meetings and the Public Hearing. This is the time for questions and input, not after it has been approved and construction begins. I was there to observe only because the ingress and egress to the proposed subdivision comes out on a County road.
Been a lot going on lately (locally). Some good, some bad. Got our moneys worth the other day when the Rabians took on Navarro. After giving the #6 rated team in the State a false sense of security (gave them the first two games), they were soundly pounded the next three games and Navarro was sent home in defeat. Great job girls. The Horses gave Lytle a good beating on Friday and we hope for the same thing next Friday. I’ll stop there.
Homecoming is this coming weekend and the Class of 67 will be honored. Getting closer to our 50th…Hope they enjoy their visit to their old home town and get to see old friends and old places. Probly see a few out at Rihns enjoying Sandra’s company and her uncommonly good hamburgers….and a cold drink.