No major activity

We are still holding in the 50 call a week range with 51 this past week and traffic citations numbered only 6! That’s not many tickets but it’s up to each officer to use their discretion when it comes to issuing citations or warnings. Maybe somebody left one of those Hallmark movies showing on the TV in the break room, they “warm your heart” and generally “soften” you up.
No major criminal activity to report, we did make a couple trips to the jail though. One arrest was for public intoxication and another for driving with a suspended license. We are also investigating a couple assaults and a criminal trespass that may result in arrests.
The only financial crime reported was from a complainant who had some unauthorized charges on their credit card, the transactions occurred in California.
We had two property crimes reported this past week. A complainant reported that her prescription medications were taken from her bag while at work, they were recovered and charges are pending. We also took a report that a door was jimmied open and holes were knocked in the kitchen wall at a residence on Bruce St.
This past Saturday we had a nice event at the police station. Troy Whitney has spent the last couple years putting together some pictures of former Atascosa Co. Sheriffs and the resident Deputies that served the Lytle area. We dedicated a spot in our lobby to display the photos and had a short ceremony. Troy’s father (H.W. Whitney) was a Deputy up until 1970 when he passed away. Many people may not know that George Harris was a Deputy from 1960 – 1965, he is now and has been for many years a very successful businessman in this part of Texas. George was able to share some stories of his time as a Deputy and Troy and his brothers relayed some stories from their father’s adventures. All I can say is it sure was different back then and I’m glad not too many of my staff was there because I wouldn’t want them getting any ideas! Those guys took care of business and didn’t have many resources. No cell phones with quick internet searches, lack of backup officers and no cameras in their cars. But it gets worse; they didn’t have air conditioned cars and there weren’t any 24 hour fast food places!
Those “dog” people (as I fondly call them) out at Lytle Animal Care & Control along with the Lytle VFW Post have another event planned. Yep it’s time again for the annual Dog Gone Fun Run which will be held on Saturday, Oct. 21. Call them for more info. at 830-709-3832. It’s a great chance to walk/run for a good cause. It’s not my favorite event as I don’t “run for fun”. I normally only run when I’m chasing down fleeing crooks and until the last several years I tried to limit my walking to when my vehicle broke down or I couldn’t get a close parking space at the mall.