Two taken to jail

It’s hard to believe it’s already July! The older I get the faster time flies by. We had an interesting week but all and all it kept with the tradition of a more relaxed summer. A snapshot of our activity includes 44 calls for service and 43 class c cases filed with the municipal court.
We took two people to jail this past week; one went to Hondo and another to Jourdanton. The first involved a suspect wanted for felony theft out of Bexar Co. He was driving a “big rig” that was unlicensed. Depending on which story you believe he was “borrowing it,” “buying it,” or took it without permission. He was booked into the Medina Co. Jail. The other customer who got the ride to Jourdanton was booked in on public intoxication. We had one fellow that was stopped for reckless driving and he was found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia, he was cited and released.
Property crimes included the theft of a 2016 Toyota Camry; the owner believes a family member took the vehicle without her permission. The owner of a Dodge pickup reported that somebody tried to steal his stereo while his vehicle was at a repair shop. That leaves a burglary of a vehicle at HEB Plus as our “crime of the week.” I was just reading how Yeti coolers are a “status symbol” now. Well somebody saw an opportunity to move up the social ladder and acquired a 75 Qt. Yeti Cooler from the back of someone’s pickup. The cooler was valued at $400. I am sure our thief will be able to impress their friends at their next summer outing.
I love my job but sometimes I am forced to make difficult decisions. This last Thursday was one of those days. A vehicle had rolled over on I.H.-35 in Bexar Co. (a few miles north of our city). It was loaded with venomous snakes and even a baby alligator. They were requesting assistance and I knew this was the type of call that would attract the news media. I love being on TV and I knew that if I went up there I could finagle my way in front of a camera. Then it struck me, I am terribly afraid of snakes. I thought to myself my mere presence will often make a “bad guy” surrender but I doubt if a rattlesnake would even recognize me as a legendary (if even in my own mind) lawmen. I get paid the big bucks to make difficult decisions so I turned to Lt. Dear and said “you go, my allergies are bothering me.”