A Dolly grandma

A’Dell has sure taken to her baby dolls lately. She may be an only child right now, but don’t worry, she has over a dozen “children” she carries around and plays with all day long for the past couple weeks at home. Furthermore, she has informed me that these “children” of hers are my “grandchildren,” and she often piles them up on my lap, asking “grandma” (me) to “baby sit.”
It’s truly adorable the way she coddles them, and rocks them, and kisses their tiny little heads when she pretends they cry. When she gets into a game, she really gets into it. They even sat at the dinner table with us one night, until she continued to blame one of the babies for dumping food on the ground, etc.
Her other favorite game is hiding from my husband or I when we first get home from work (when she’s home with a babysitter or one of us). As soon as she hears me or her dad drive up, she bolts for one of her favorite hiding places. Funny enough, she usually hides in the same spot behind the couch every day.
Daddy will come inside, totally exhausted from working in the 100 degree heat all day long, but he’s got just enough energy for a little game of hide and seek so he can get a hug from his little munchkin. I laughed as I watched him come in from work yesterday, take off his boots, and then immediately walk across the living room to peek behind the couch, like clockwork. It’s a game she never seems to get tired of; it’s a routine for us now.
Right then, I thought to myself, I’m gonna miss this routine someday….someday when she’s a teenager and too busy talking on the phone or putting on makeup to hide behind the couch. It seems like she’s growing up all too fast, 7 years old now, that doesn’t seem so far away. We were just looking at the scrapbooks of when she was a baby, and my little sister was 7 years old, and it happened in a blink of an eye just as they say. Before you know it she’ll be all grown up and I’ll be a grandma for real! But that’s ok I guess—I will have had lots of practice being a Dolly Grandma before then!